Sir Mekere Morauta

Sir Mekere questions timing of Turnbull’s visit

Sir Mekere said Turnbull came to office in September 2015 – over 18 months ago. 

“In all that time, he has visited many countries, all over the world. He has not found time to visit Papua New Guinea, one of Australia’s most important neighbours.

“Why come now? What is so important now that cannot be dealt with by officials?”

Sir Mekere said the two Prime Ministers met in Australia a few weeks ago.

“They have met countless times at APEC, Pacific Islands’ Forum Leaders’ meetings, UN meetings, etc.

Morauta presided over more policy failures: Zeming

Zemings statements follow an advertorial by Sir Mekere Morauta announcing a potential return to politics.

He is the first key government Minister and second Parliamentarian to hit back at Sir Mekere’s announcement, after NCD Governor Powes Parkop.

In a statement, Zeming said Sir Mekere’s record at government was not as rosy as he was painting and that he was part of the Government between 1999 and 2002.

Police Association condemns Sir Mekere’s criticism

The Police Association of Papua New Guinea has strongly condemned Sir Mekere Morauta’s criticism of the current government not paying police personnel’s salaries on time.

National President, Lowa Tambua said this relating to an article published by The National on 15/02/2017.

Tambua said the members prefer to maintain impartiality in their conduct, therefore would not want to promote political propaganda in any circumstance.

“The current government is adequately addressing all welfare and employment issues within the police force.”

Early campaigning by former PM: Parkop

In a statement in response to the announcement, Parkop labeled Sir Mekere’s intentions as early campaigning by a failed former Prime Minister and Member for North West.

Parkop said this was a  desperate attempt to protect his position in PNG Sustainable Development Ltd which he alleges has become Sir Mekere’s personal cash-cow.

"This is a personal feud with the Prime Minister, after PM O’Neill took him to court to try to put an end to Sir Mekere’s corrupted operation of PNG Sustainable.

Sir Mekere prepared to contest an NCD seat

He says his decision will be made when there is sufficient support from the people and especially current parliamentarians for a new Government.

In a public statement in the media Sir Mekere said although he enjoys retirement from politics, he cannot ignore the plea of Papua New Guineans for him to re-enter politics.

“They all say you fixed it before, please come back and do it again.”

PM O’Neill expresses concern at Mekere’s legal tactics on PNGSDP

O’Neill in a statement said the delaying tactics are just another way for Sir Mekere to try and keep his hands on the money of the people of Western Province for a little while longer, but his efforts will ultimately fail.

“It appears that Sir Mekere has cunningly established a retirement fund out of the money that belongs to the people of Western Province, and he is desperate to keep this,” he said.

“He would like to have access to this money for the rest of his life.

State has major setbacks to gain control of PNGSDP: Sir Mekere

The chairman of PNGSDP Sir Mekere Morauta said the State has had a major setback in its three-year effort to gain control of PNGSDP and the Long Term Fund.

He added that because the State is on the back foot, it has now resorted to contrived twists and turns to delay the inevitable.

“I am increasingly confident that our lawyers will deliver the “knockout” blow that will lead to a favourable court decision.

“This means PNGSDP will then be able to get on with its core role of delivering sustainable development projects in the Western Province and PNG generally.”

Sir Mekere has no standing in PNGSDP case, says Court

The court found that Sir Mekere did not have standing to bring such applications in court as a private citizen, describing it as an incompetent application and an abuse of the process of the court.

The correct party that should be in a court of law seeking relief in the application should be the company, SDP, and not its chairman, Sir Mekere.

The three-man Supreme Court bench found that Sir Mekere, a well-known Papua New Guinean, was being used to come to court in this case for the benefit of a foreign registered company – the PNG Sustainable Development Program.

Three former prime ministers call for ‘Government of unity’

Former prime minister and Governor of New Ireland Sir Julius Chan made this call yesterday when he moved to join the Opposition camp in Port Moresby.

Sir Julius along with the founding father Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare and Sir Mekere Morauta called for unity among the Members of Parliament and to lead the country in a democratic way.

“Do not cast aside all those across the aisle on the other side, instead declare the formation of a government of national unity,” Sir Julius told the Opposition members.

O'Neill disputes former PMs’ claims

The two former prime ministers in a statement released on Monday called for O’Neill’s resignation.

They claimed that under O’Neill’s management, the country’s economy is heading towards disaster.

However, O’Neill told Loop PNG that the country’s economy is recovering well from the decline caused by global commodities’ price fall.

“Revenue is improving each month and expenses are under control,” O’Neill told Loop PNG via text message.