Sir Mekere Morauta

Bakani maintains stance on political statements

Bakani was responding to Loop PNG’s questions regarding a statement released by former prime minister and economist, Sir Mekere Morauta, about Bank of Papua New Guinea (BPNG) irresponsibly facilitating the government’s debt management.

Sir Mekere claimed that the latest data released by the BPNG shows that the central bank has been printing money for the government, fueling its wasteful spending.

However, Bakani told Loop PNG that he will not comment during this election period.

PNGCWU rally behind Sir Mekere

The executives of PNGCWU on Monday paid a courtesy visit to former prime minister and candidate for Moresby North West electorate, Sir Mekere Morauta with a bold message that the state of PNG’s national affairs were worsening and the situation demanded most urgent remedial actions.

PNGCWU President Nug Mamtirin told Sir Mekere that his return to politics has sent a message of hope to public and private sectors workers, self-employed people and ordinary citizens PNG-wide.

Sir Mek explains intentions of contesting

“My first and foremost reason to re-enter national politics is because of public demand and pressure from people in all walks of life including villagers, public servants, private sectors workers, parliamentarians, even MPs from within the ruling PNC party.

“I owe it to PNG and its citizens for educating me to university level, first Secretary for  Finance at the age of 25 in 1973, Managing Director of PNG Banking Corporation (now BSP), Governor of Bank of PNG, State minister, Prime Minister and Leader of Opposition.

Election security operations yet to be funded

In a press conference on Monday in Port Moresby, Sir Mekere flanked by NCD Regional candidate Jamie Maxtone-Graham said the security preparations were not yet ready.

He claimed that the police are still waiting for their election funds to carry out their security operations.

Sir Mekere said reliable sources in the police force said they were due to receive K8 million last month but nothing  has happened.

Loop News was also given a copy of a document from the Police Department stating the planned  release of funds  which has never eventuated.

Morauta returns to politics

He resigned from active politics in 2012 but has decided to re-enter in this election.

After his nomination, Morauta said he was fairly confident of winning but added at the end of the day, it is really all up to the people.

Returning Officer for Moresby North West, Moka Havara said Moratau’s nomination at 11:15am today brings to total ten intending candidates for the seat so far.

Electoral Commission urged to respect voters’ rights

Sir Mekere appealed to the Electoral Commissioner, returning and polling officers, the police and other government agencies to respect voters’ rights to vote in an environment of peace and good order. 

He warned against the hijacking of ballot boxes and the rigging of voting and counting.

Sir Mekere called on the Electoral Commissioner not to allow and repeat what happened in 2012 when declaration took place in some electorates even before voting had taken place at other electorates.

“Counting should not start until all voting has finished.

Sir Mekere nominates as independent candidate

Sir Mekere will challenge sitting member of parliament Michael Malabag for the Moresby North-West electorate.

After his nomination, Sir Mekere announced that after retiring in 2012, he has decided to return to politics based on the widespread public support.

Sir Mekere has served as the 6th Prime Minister of PNG between 1999 and 2002, and later as Leader of the Opposition, among other positions.

O’Neill calls on PNGSDP Chairman to resign

O’Neill urged the chairman of PNGSDP to respect rules of the program that prevent active politicians holding a position on the board.

PM O’Neill said in addition to the breach of PNGSDP rules, the known mismanagement of SDP funds, with millions of US dollars missing, there is no other choice for the Chairman, but to resign.

“SDP funds belong to the children, women and men of Western Province, not the Chairman,” the Prime Minister said.

“SDP money is being used to fund Mekere’s mates, who are paid millions of dollars in commissions and consultancy fees.

PNGSDP willing to help LOs

Chairman Sir Mekere Morauta says PNGSDP is happy to participate as the PNG-based member of a consortium of overseas financiers to provide a facility totaling K725 million ($US 230 million). This is to allow the landowners pay the State their 4.27 percent interest that was agreed under the Umbrella Benefit Sharing Agreement (UBSA), reached in 2009 between the Somare Government and the landowners.

Sir Mekere calls for constructive debate on issues

“The time for whispering, for speculating, for telling stories, and for fear, is over,” he said in a speech to more than 500 guests at an Independent Team dinner in Port Moresby last night.

“My intention tonight is to set an agenda for a national conversation. I ask every concerned Papua New Guinean to think and openly talk about our future.”