Sir Manasupe Haus


Secretary Ivan Pomaleu said today that the Sir Manasupe Haus Building will go into lockdown to mitigate the spread of Coronavirus after the Department recorded cases among staff recently.

He said the four-day lock down is to give time to get the office building deep cleaned as per the technical advice provided by a service provider.

“This is a responsible thing to do to protect the health and well-being of staff of the Department,” Mr Pomaleu said.

Sir Manasupe Haus has special features

The project also includes a notable female proportion of the workforce with outstanding safety statistics achieved during the project, with around 700,000 man hours worked on the job from start to finish.

Oil Search’s Executive General Manager for Stakeholder Engagement Gerea Aopi when officially handing over the keys to Prime Minister Peter O’Neill on Wednesday said it is an occasion of great significance in many ways.

Sir Manasupe Haus an iconic building

Left to deteriorated by past governments, Prime Minister Peter O’Neill took a bold stand and called for its refurbishment.

During the official handover-takeover ceremony this afternoon in Port Moresby by Oil Search to the government, Oil Search Executive General Manager Gerea Aopi said the opening of the Sir Manasupe Haus signifies the importance of public private partners-the government working with the private sector to develop the country.

The former Marea Haus has been lying idle for many years and was an eye sore for this part of Port Moresby.

It’s Sir Manasupe Haus

In announcing the renaming of the building this afternoon, Prime Minister Peter O'Neill said it was the Government's decision to honour Sir Manasupe Zurenuoc and name it after him.

Sir Manasupe will be retiring next month and has been serving the public service for more than 30 years.

The building was also officially handed over to the Government by Oil Search this afternoon.