Sir John Pundari

Call for collective gov’t approach

Senior Member of Parliament and former Minister for Finance, Sir John Pundari claimed that the Government's priorities are misguided hence, nothing in tangible has been achieved so far.

“Let’s reset, refocus and address one challenge at a time. Patching the bleeding economy is more paramount now more than ever.

Sir John has called for a collective government approach by having a relook at priorities including cost-saving measures. He said this includes cutting back on overseas travels with a large entourage, and creating new ministerial portfolios.

Pundari’s queries delayed impact projects

The Prime Minister only makes statements upon credible advise from state agencies and they are expected to deliver on these announcements.

An irate Kompiam Ambum MP said, “Our business, especially SMEs are suffering, health facilities are running short of essential medical supplies, schools are operating without adequate government support and their operations are impacted as a consequence, shortage of Forex impacting businesses, inflation hitting hard on families, unemployment on the rise and others.”

Councilors call for peace

Deputy President of Ambum LLG, Lomean Tonde flanked by three other Counsellors, Theodore Yole, Lucas Imindi and Mathew Mulex today provided facts on the situation on the ground. 

The leaders said the Kompiam Ambum MP, Sir John Pundari has done everything he can to prevent violence and has left it to Police to conduct independent investigations into the destruction of public and private properties at Kaipores and Meriamanda. 

Liberal Party set for elections

Liberal Party leader, Sir John Pundari made this announcement when launching the party on Monday at Londol village in Ambum in Enga Province.
Sir John, also Minister for Finance and Rural Development, affirmed that the Liberal Party will be going into the elections with PANGU Pati as sister parties.
The member for Kompiam Ambum, said the Liberal Party was formed to liberate the people of Kompiam Ambum first, and the country as a whole, from the bondage of poor health and living conditions.

Pundari Rebuts Ipatas’ Statement

He made this remarks after Governor Sir Peter Ipatas in a media conference on Tuesday accused him of not delivering services to his people.  
“I do have a lot of respect for Sir Peter Ipatas as the senior Knight in Enga. The people of Enga are the best judges of the issue I raised on the abuse of decentralized powers in the public service in Enga. I am speaking out for the silent majority.

Pundari: Amendment To BPNG Act Overdue

He said the Bill was passed unanimously by Parliament and with strong support from the Opposition Leader Belden Namah. 

“The Government under Marape has promised change and we have done that with our Ministers stepping up to the plate.”

"PNG is a growing and contemporary society that must evolve with the changing times by improving existing laws or introducing new ones. That is our foremost duty to the nation and its people as MPs. We are legislators first," stated Sir John.

He said these reforms are prudent and very much necessary.  

Sir John Defends Borneo

Sir John said the failure of the Health Department was the reason the company was getting bashed up unnecessarily.

He said the PAC report was clear, the Committee observed the second point of the recommendations particularly the part that states that there has been “no evidence of poor performance.

“There were no formal complaints or evidence provided to National Procurement Committee or the Central Supply and Tenders Board by medical professionals, facilities or pharmacies that would question the awarding of the contract.” 

PAC inquiry report to be tabled

Chairman of Parliamentary PAC Sir John Pundari said, the committee has gone through the final draft report and will finalize it in the coming weeks before it is presented.

Since November of last year the Parliamentary Committee has been providing a check and balance into the Health Department’s procuring and distribution of drugs in the country.

This report will be tabled on the 25th of August during Parliament sitting.

Public Accounts Committee issues reminder to KPHL

Chairman Sir John Pundari made the statement in response to KPHL saying their finances and books do not qualify as ‘public accounts of the State’.

The board of PNG’s national oil and gas company did not take too kindly to a statement made by Sir John in the media.

New Environment Minister takes over

Also on the list is the Protected Areas Policy, the rehabilitation of the Varirata National Park, and the Kokoda Track and Interim Protection Zone around the Brown River Catchment.

Yesterday, the Member for Kompiam-Ambum handed over the reins to new Minister Geoffery Kama, who now takes custody of these establishments.

The member for Kompiam-Ambum, since 2012, was Minister for Environment and Conservation, a portfolio he held since the Peter O’Neill-Sir Leo Dion cabinet, and subsequently after the 2017 election in the O’Neill-Abel government.