Sir Brian Bell Centre for Transfusion Medicine

Blood Bank receives printer donations

The donation supports the Centre's crucial office operations. The new printer is expected to boost efficiencies in the day-to-day tasks of the Sir Brian Bell Centre for Transfusion Medicine.

Upon a service request in search for toners for their old printer, Operations Manager Xenia Peni sought assistance from Remington Technology, resulting in a generous donation. General Manager Justin Kieseker personally presented the printer on Monday, emphasising Remington's dedication to being "Loyal To Local."

Brian Bell Blood Drive

The blood donation drive which ran for a week ended on Sunday, 7th of November was conducted at the Vision City Mega Mall with the theme “Give the gift that keeps on living” in order to save lives and perform mini-health checks for any voluntary donors on their general health.

Gift vouchers worth K100 were given to any random donor selected, and the lucky winner was drawn every day from 1-7th of November.

Hotel Drives Blood Donation

The Hotel management invited the Sir Brian Bell Centre staff to do the blood donation from its staff and many have come forward to donate blood willingly today.

A staff from the Food and Beverages, Roslyn Aposo, was very positive about the donation. Her first donation was to help her own father in 2015, when she was still a student. This is her second time to donate blood and she would do it all over again if she has too.

“So saving a life is better than being selfish and keeping your blood to yourself. At least we are able to give to save those in need,” Ms Aposo said.