SIM deactivation 2020

SIM deactivation deadline pushed back

In an interview with this newsroom, Communications & Information Technology Minister, Timothy Masiu, said the deadline, which was initially set for the end of this month, has been extended for another four months.

“By the end of July, the 31st of July, we should review whether we continue to give it some more time or we will definitely close it then,” Masiu stated.

“So that is the announcement from my Ministry and from NICTA.

Nationwide SIM card deactivation begins

The National Information and Communications Technology Authority (NICTA) will immediately effect the deactivation.

“This action has my full backing and support as the Minister for Communications and Information Technology,” said Minister and South Bougainville MP, Timothy Masiu.

“NICTA has by now given notice to all mobile network operators (MNOs), issuing further instructions to effectively commence this process. The consultation with the MNOs commenced on Thursday, January 16, 2020.