SIM card

Register your SIM for safety, security: Basil

Minister for Communications, Information Technology and Energy, Samuel H Basil, said he had endorsed the SIM card registration deadline extension to 23rd January, 2018, requested by the National Information Communications Technology Authority (NICTA) in consultation with the Office of the Prime Minister.

“The deadline on SIM card registration on 31st December 2017 was determined two years ago and really should have been driven by relevant authorities and the telecommunications service providers,” said Minister Basil.

Miringtoro calls for support to fight cybercrime

Speaking at the Cybercrime Policy launch today in Port Moresby, Miringtoro said once the legislation is finalized, the offenders of cybercrime will be prosecuted under this new law.

In addition, he said the regulation on simcard registration will complement the cybercrime legislation once it becomes a law.

“It will therefore be mandatory for operators to register all mobile phone SIM card holders. And I urge every SIM card holder to cooperate with the operators on the SIM card registration exercise for the good of our society.”