SHP issue

Police to arrest looters and arsonist in SHP

In a Conference at the Police Headquarters this morning, Mr Andrews said two mobile squads totaling almost 70 personnel are currently in Southern Highlands Province while another two mobile squads are on standby to be sent should the need arise. The police operation will be conducted in four phases.

 Mr Andrews also made internal transfer directives so that the Southern Highlands issue can be effectively addressed.

VIDEO: Mendi Forum Outcome

Although the Community leaders of Mendi town gave assurance of providing security for Hospital staff and other services in the town, there remains uncertainty by the service providers.


Meredith Kuusa with more 


Services remain disrupted in Mendi

According to sources on ground in the province, most of the services have been disrupted since the weekend and still remains disrupted.

Police have been on high alert since the killings over the weekend.

Opportunists have taken advantage of the attacks on the weekend and this has caused much concern for security personals on ground. 

Meantime, the Police Commissioner who has been briefed about the situation in Mendi released a statement yesterday.