What it means to celebrate easter

Here in the Nation’s Capital, stores and markets are full of shoppers trying to get something to enjoy with their families.

Loop PNG went around the city shopping centers and main markets and just like Christmas or any other festive holiday, the stores were once again packed.

Speaking to some, asking what Easter meant to them; most said it was a time to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus.

Other said it was a time to reflect on our lives by attending the Virgil night service that will take place this evening at their respective churches.

Residents’ mad rush two days before Christmas

Even the PMVs were packed with passengers traveling to their villages along the Magi and Hiritano highways.

Loop PNG caught up with shoppers rushing to make it home on time for Christmas.

People were seen buying food stuff and presents to share with family, friends and loved ones.

Shops like RH Hypermarket, Stop N Shop and TST Supermarket have all seen an increase in customers this week.

For this week alone, they have had 3000 to 7000 customers every day.

The shops will operate during Christmas and Boxing Day.