The Sheppard band

​Proud mother of the Sheppard band

It was of course Greg and Linda Sheppard as their children – the Sheppard band, took on the stage of The Cosmopolitan.

This was the world premiere of their second album and it was happening in PNG.

Linda is usually on tour with her children. Greg however, is based in PNG and tries to attend every concert he possibly can.

But this time, they brought it to him. Brought it to PNG.

The Sheppard siblings grew up here and Linda believes the country has a role in how grounded her children are.

Band drops yet-to-be-released songs

And lead singer George Sheppard says this is in fact the first time they have dropped all songs on the album, which is yet to be released.

It was a 16-song performance, including old hits like Let Me Down Easy and Bombs Away from the first album.

And before heading on to their next international tour, Sheppard shared this excitement with Papua New Guinea.

“It has always been our dream to come back and perform here so it was amazing. Thank you for having us. It was an awesome night,” George said after the performance.

Siblings honoured to judge VF

Adding onto the list this time is the first time to be sitting on a judging panel for a singing competition. 

Siblings George and Amy Sheppard have been invited to seat on the Vocal Fusion judge’s chair tonight.

“This will be our first of such experience and we only hope to inspire them,” Amy said.

This is one opportunity where the siblings encourage PNG artists to emulate world success that they (Sheppard) have experienced.

Mentor and childhood music teacher Buruka Tau had also sat in the judging seat of the same local competition.

The Sheppard Band arrives in POM

The plane touched down at Jackson's International airport at 1:15pm.

After at least 30 minutes, the group emerged through arrivals to be met by the team from The Cosmopolitan club, father of the Sheppard siblings Greg Sheppard and team from his law firm Young and William Lawyers and the media.

They came accompanied by Mrs Sheppard.

But of course it was not their first time into the country as the team from the father's law firm welcomed the group with warm hugs.

Sheppard to promote new single “Keep me crazy”

Released a month ago this year, the song quickly became “a major hit in Australia, debuting at No. 1 on the independent sales charts,” according to Billboard.

Billboard exclusively premiered the video of this single, describing it “dreamyas the band literally plays in the cloud, to embody “the giddy, head-in-the-clouds feeling of falling in love”.

The Sheppard told Billboard this was an “otherworldly experience” which would be “the overarching theme for their upcoming album.”