Sharon Kwarula

Former head coach backs Wisil’s statement

Toea Wisil recently went viral with her Facebook post when she called out APNG and president Tony Green for intimidating athletes into submission as well as feeding them biscuits, especially during the Oceania Championships held in Cairns (June 24-28) in a post titled “Not Keeping it Quiet”.

“Athletes been eating Snax biscuits for breakfast and lunch before coming to Oceania and hungry while here. I am putting it out for the people to know what is going on in our sports.”

PNG athlete joins international women’s seminar

The International Athletics Federation Gender Leadership Taskforce has identified a need to provide specific leadership and development opportunities for aspiring female leaders within the sport of athletics.

Kwarula was selected along with other representatives from the Oceania Region; Eritabeta Teaiwa of Kiribati and New Zealander Annette Purvis.

The three Oceania delegates will join 31 others representing Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas.

PNG athlete returns after completing degree

After seeing much success on the track and the classroom overseas, Kwarula and Athletics PNG expressed mutual interest in utilising her skills and experience in the sport and in business.

 Athletics PNG has facilitated Kwarula’s enrolment in continuing education courses in International Business from the University of New Mexico and its own High-Performance Administrative Development.

Otto Wafia, who also spent time at College in the USA as well as team manageress Nola Peni, have been extended the same assistance.