Shadrach Himata

ABG Chief Secretary outlines projects

Himata said 2023 was the year of ratification and the governments of Papua New Guinea and Bougainville would continue to have diplomatic talks and meetings on the agreement of when the ratification will take place.

Himata said the focus areas for 2023 are improving law and order services, ratification, revenue and income generation and infrastructure development.

He outlined that the administration was working on improving law and order services by creating policies and legislations that will support police officers and increase recruitment.

Himata to take up AROB mining role

Himata told Loop PNG during the Departments Corporate and Strategic Plan Launching that he will be taking up the role of Mining Secretary in ARoB.

He said he will be assisting the autonomous government in developing the mining sector in the island.

Himata hands the reigns over the department to Harry Kore, who has assumed the role of Acting Secretary.

During his farewell speech, Himata said the government could not have appointed a better candidate saying Kore would deliver many of the objectives that are outlined in the recently launched plans.

Minerals Policy Department to launch 2016-2021 corporate plan

Having successfully delivered on its 2009- 2015 Corporate and Strategic Plan, DMPGM has embarked on its five year Corporate Plan and Strategic Plan2016- 2020.

DMPGM Secretary, Shadrach Himata says the launching event, the department will also provide a farewell gesture of an over view of the many challenges and achievements as well as a preview of what DMPGM had to offer to the government and people of PNG.