Shadow Attorney General

Call to resume Parliament

This is to deal with the Opposition’s Vote of No Confidence motion which was filed on May 7th.

Despite parliament adjourning to May 28th, the Opposition has asked the Speaker to recall parliament to deal with their Vote of No Confidence motion.

“But if you can all remember Supreme Court ruling of 2016, court ruled that a notice of motion to remove the Prime Minister is not an ordinary motion under the standing order,” clarified Kua.

Shadow minister queries transfer of title

Kerenga Kua said the controversial land in question was initially zoned as ‘Special Purpose’ where Telikom PNG (OTC) had their transmission towers, once a “Restricted Area”.

He said since then, it has undergone several changes in its purpose to whatever it is today and the public needs to be assured the O’Neill Government is not making another disastrous decision by giving away valuable state land to friends and associates.

Kua, in a statement, clarified that this was not an attack on the investors and China but importantly, the people want to know the truth.

Shadow AG questions PM’s frequent trips

Shadow Attorney General, Kerenga Kua, expressed indignation that the PM continues to travel the world while education, health care and other services in the country have collapsed due to irresponsible government spending.

“The Prime Minister should return home and take a hard look at the sufferings of our people and tighten the government belt on wanton spending,” Kua said.

Accused public office holders can be suspended: Kua

This was the effect of a Supreme Court interpretation handed down on 22 December 2017. 

“This puts an end to many decades of confusion,” says Shadow Attorney General, Kerenga Kua.

Prior to this decision, the courts took various conflicting positions that suspension took place when: