Sexual violence

Gender and family sexual based violence is a global issue

In a country like PNG, it threatens or is a social hindrance to the development.

And with the power of the media, service providers such as the Family and Sexual Violence Action Committee under CIMC aim to address it.

A small group consisting of journalists in the media fraternity and partners and stakeholders in the area of GBV/FSV met on Thursday in a collaborative move towards this.

The media sensitisation workshop was to equip media personnel (journalists), with knowledge on;

Argentine women to strike after fatal rape of teenager

Lucia Perez, 16, died earlier this month in the city of Mar del Plata.

Two men who dropped her off at a hospital on 8 October, freshly washed and dressed, said she had overdosed on drugs. But doctors found evidence of extreme sexual violence.

A march will begin at 17:00 local time (20:00 GMT) in the capital, Buenos Aires.

Activist groups are calling on women to wear black when they walk out of their places of work for an hour at midday on Wednesday (14:00 GMT). They are calling the actions Miercoles Negro - Spanish for Black Wednesday.