Sexual harassment

16 charged in Bangladesh for burning girl alive

Nusrat Jahan Rafi, 19, was doused with kerosene and set on fire on the roof of her Islamic school on 6 April, days after filing a complaint.

Headmaster Siraj Ud Doula, targeted in the complaint, is among those charged.

Police say he ordered her murder from prison when she refused to withdraw her accusations against him.

They described the preparations for the killing as being like a "military plan".

The case sparked mass protests in Bangladesh and shone a spotlight on the vulnerability of victims of sexual assault and harassment in the country.

Gal Gadot may quit Wonder Woman if Brett Ratner doesn't

The 32-year-old action star is taking a stance against sexual harassment - producer Ratner has been accused of multiple instances of misconduct.

Gadot is said to be refusing to let a series celebrating women's empowerment benefit a man accused of harassing women.

"She's tough, stands by her principles [and] knows the best way to hit people like Brett Ratner is in the wallet," a source told Page Six.

US tech start-up sued over claims of 'rampant' sexual behaviour

UploadVR operated a "sexually-focused" work environment, one of its former employees claims, with a "kink room" in the office where bosses had sex.

Elizabeth Scott, the former digital and social media director, says Will Mason, editor-in-chief and CEO Taylor Freeman discriminated against female employees.

The pair say "these allegations are entirely without merit".

India schoolgirls on hunger strike to fight sexual harassment

The girls, aged between 16 and 18, told the BBC that men often made sexual remarks when they travelled to school in a neighbouring village.

The teenagers said local officials in Rewari district had failed to protect them.

Police have now promised to provide better security for the girls.

The government has also promised to upgrade the existing school in their village to higher-secondary level so they no longer have to commute to school.

Sexual harassment of female MPs widespread, report says

The study by the Inter Parliamentary Union (IPU) is being released during the group's annual assembly in Geneva.

Just 55 female MPs took part in the survey, but they represent parliaments from across the globe.

Over 80% said they had experienced some form of psychological or sexual harassment or violence.


Rape threats

The Moroccan women fighting daily sexual harassment

For Ghizlane Ahblain, the word "whore" is a constant refrain in the soundtrack of her home city, Marrakesh. A stomach-punch of a word, it's hurled from the pink-tinged doorways and from the rickety motorbikes whose engines gasp for breath on the city's choked main roads.

"In Morocco, everything you do, you're a whore," says Ghizlane, who works at a hotel. "If you wear lipstick, you're a whore. If you wear a headscarf, you're a whore."