Sex Trafficking

'How prostitutes are made'

"The [purchasers] really want new products all the time," says Snow. "The [sex] traffickers like to move their victims frequently so they can't get to know anyone and it's harder for law enforcement to track them."

For Snow, a native of Eureka, a town in rural northern California, this fight against sex trafficking is personal. She says she was 19 when she was first approached by an older man, who expressed an interest in dating her.

African teenager allegedly held as sex slave in Australia

The 17-year-old girl had been brought to Sydney in early April by a man who offered her work as a cleaner, New South Wales Police said.

She was allegedly taken to a house and sexually assaulted by "a number of men" until her escape on 27 April.

Police officers from human trafficking and sex crime squads are investigating.

The teenager told police she fled the unknown location before being picked up by a woman who drove her to a community centre.

She was taken to hospital for medical treatment.

How trucker saved a sex slave

Kimmel recalls a quiet scene with few other people around. Yet a "kind of unusual" family recreational vehicle parked nearby caught his eye. "The thing that stuck out was that this was an old RV with black curtains which wasn't very family-ish," Kimmel says.

He watched as a man approached the RV and knocked before entering. Moments later, it began to rock back and forth. Kimmel then saw what he thought was a "minor female" appear from behind the curtain before abruptly disappearing.

Sex ads pulled in child prostitutes row

The move followed the publication of a Senate report that had "knowingly concealed evidence of criminality" by editing ads featuring words associated with child abuse.

But the site says its freedom of speech rights have been violated.

And it claims the ads had helped police track down missing children.