Senior Officials Meeting

Competition to be improved in PNG's telecom industry

This is to deliver lower costs and encourage more innovative digital products.

The challenge for PNG is ensuring its citizens have the basic skills needed to use mobile devices that allow them access to services such as mobile banking.

Senior Officials Meeting Chair of the host economy, Ambassador Ivan Pomaleu, said PNG anticipates APEC will focus on how digital technology can provide inclusive outcomes in areas like skills development, health, programs for micro and small to medium enterprises and tourism.

PNG ready to host senior officials meeting

The SOM 1 Meeting will be in Port Moresby from February 24th to March 9th.

Pomaleu said the 14-day event will involve 78 meetings, with eight to be held daily.

SOM 1 is the largest of the four SOM cluster meetings bringing 2,000 to 3,000 delegates to PNG.