Woman snaps selfie with black bear in hair-raisingly close encounter in Mexico

In a video shared to social media, the black bear can be seen rearing up on its hind legs and getting a little too close for comfort to the woman, who calmly fires off a selfie as if the bear is nothing more than a hiking companion. The bear continues to sniff the woman, who appears to be on a trail with a friend, before eventually losing interest.

According to TMZ, the encounter happened on Saturday (local time) at the Chipinque Ecological Park in Mexico.

Man hit by train in quest for perfect selfie

Gym trainer T Siva ignored warnings from a person nearby and the train driver while filming near Borabanda railway station on 21 January.

Mr Siva survived but has suffered head injuries, according to South Central Railways Police.

He has appeared in court and been fined 500 rupees ($7.87, £5.50).

The 21-second-long video was shared thousands of times on Facebook on Wednesday. In it, Mr Siva is seen standing in the foreground as an MMTS train approaches.

Selfies get the 'art' treatment

A photographer from Cambridge says selfies should be used in art after winning the #SAATCHISELFIE competition.

Dawn Woolley beat over 14,000 entries with her selfie, named The Substitute, which shows a man holding a 2D picture of a person in a bikini.

The pictures from all over Europe can now be seen at the Saatchi Gallery's Selfie to Self-Expression exhibition.

'I'm amazed and overwhelmed, it's quite a shock'

The daredevils feeding a dangerous Russian craze

What drives these extreme selfie daredevils?

He's got a camera strapped to his head and he teeters on the edge of the roof in a nine story apartment block in Siberia.

"Are you filming?" he asks, as a friend hands him a flaming torch. Orange flames engulf his legs and suddenly he jumps, somersaulting in the air like a stricken warplane before landing with a thud into a deep pile of snow.

Can selfies really be art? London's Saatchi Gallery thinks so

London's Saatchi Gallery is planning a new exhibition to explore the importance of selfies as an art form.

It will feature not only self portraits by the likes of Vincent Van Gogh, but also more recent celebrity selfies.

Members of the public will also be invited to submit their own photos for inclusion in the exhibition.

The popularity of the selfie has rocketed since the invention of smartphones and in 2013 Oxford Dictionaries named "selfie" as their word of the year.

Photo of Mother and Twins Begs the Question: Who's the Mom?

The photo, which has been retweeted more than 20,000 times and received more than 30,000 likes since it was posted January 28, appears to show an identical trio of young ladies sitting in a row.

The picture quickly captured the attention of curious web users, who struggled to figure out which of them is the mother. 

So, can you guess who's the mom and who are the twins?


Kaylan's caption for the photo drops a pretty major clue: "Mom, twin and me."

The Cutthroat Race to Build the Ultimate Selfie Stick

Some have Bluetooth-connected shutters, some have remote control shutters; some are bendy and durable; some are waterproof (yes, really). Some are very, very long; some aren’t so long; some are bedazzled. Some look like hands.

Texas teen kills himself while taking selfie with gun

Deleon Alonso Smith died of a gunshot wound to the throat about 1:30 p.m. Tuesday at an apartment in southwestern Houston.

Investigators say Smith had found a gun and was taking pictures of himself and a cousin holding the weapon and posting them to online when the gun discharged, killing Smith.

Investigators say the cousin was in another room when the gun fired.


Respondents in ‘selfie’ defamation suit reduced

One of the bloggers known as Johnny Young on Facebook has been removed from the list of first respondents after it was found the account did not have the real identity of the person behind the Facebook account.

This now leaves Sonja Barry Ramoi and three other bloggers as the first respondents in the defamation suit.

Lawyer Representing Konga Edward Wamp appeared before Justice Ere Kariko today(August 28) with the application to remove Johnny Young.

French terror suspect took selfie with beheaded victim

French investigators were working to determine the recipient's identity, but weren't able to immediately confirm media reports that it was an unspecified person now in Syria, where the radical Islamic State group has seized territory, the security officials said.

The revelation added a macabre twist to an investigation that has not turned up a solid link to radical or foreign groups, but has revived concerns about terrorism in France less than six months after deadly attacks in the Paris area.