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10 things mentally strong people won't do

The true sign of mental strength doesn’t lie in what you do; it’s what you don’t and absolutely won’t do. The greater the challenge, the more difficult it is to respond with mental fortitude.

It’s hard to be mentally strong, especially when you feel stuck. The ability to break the mold and take a bold new direction requires that extra grit, daring, and spunk that only the mentally strongest people have.

3 Daily habits of peak performers

Phelps’ record is extraordinary. His 22 total medals and 18 gold medals is the greatest medal performance in all of Olympic history. I caught up with Bowman to speak about his new book, The Golden Rules, and to learn how his years of coaching superstar Michael Phelps can help everyone—especially business leaders—reach peak performance in their chosen fields.

Tom Hanks: Don't Let Self-Doubt Stop You

Thank goodness there are people like Tom Hanks to set us straight. Speaking recently on NPR’s Fresh Air Hanks revealed that he was plagued by doubt. “There are days when I know that 3:00 tomorrow afternoon I am going to have to deliver some degree of emotional goods, and if I can’t do it, that means I’m going to have to fake it,” Hanks says.

The No. 1 Secret to Career Success

The secret to your success is to remember what you should be doing, and to actually do it. If this sounds insanely obvious, let me ask you: Day after day, even when it gets hard, are you doing the right things?

Most people don’t. Most people try to be smarter or better or more clever or more independent than everyone else. For many years, I fell victim to these traps, too.

I spent a big chunk of my career trying to be at least one of the smartest people in the room. There was a good reason for this: It was my job.

A millennial stops giving excuses and gets what she wants

She’s an investor, a philanthropist, a writer and an entrepreneur. Her latest venture is Proday, a fitness app for busy people looking to spice up their lives and start working out with fitness celebrities and world-renowned athletes.

Sarah says she’s “A double minority, a black woman operating in the tech world.” But Sarah conquers that bias by finding ways to be “unimpeachably good” and not letting lame excuses get in her way of what she wants to do with her life. This is Sarah’s Mentoring Moment:

Stop measuring and start leading

You can’t just lead a team. The notion of leadership makes no sense outside of a journey from some Point A to Point B.

You have to have a mission or there’s nothing to lead people toward. You have to work toward something compelling and inspiring – a mission that people can get excited about.

Think back to every ambitious undertaking humans have ever taken on. In every case there was a mission that spoke to people who joined in to achieve the mission.