secondary schools

Four Principals disciplined

First Assistant Secretary for the NCD Education Service Division Peter Kants, said the principals disobeyed a government directive under the free education policy, which includes non-payment of project fees.

He told LoopPNG during the NCD Students Leaders SLIP Leadership Training Workshop today in Port Moresby.

He said every school has needs but when the government gives directives, schools have to abide by them.

“Even if there is a need at the school we have to find a better way to deal with such situations,” he said.

Need for more secondary schools in the nation’s capital

Parkop says with the growing population in Port Moresby and the large number of primary and elementary schools, there’s a need for more secondary schools.

The National Capital District currently has 16 secondary schools and 34 primary schools.

Out of the 16 secondary schools, only five are government schools while the others are church-run and private schools.

Parkop said the number of secondary schools is totally inadequate compared to the number of primary schools.

New secondary school to be established in Moresby

National Capital District Governor Powes Parkop said plans are now underway to build the school at Butuka or upgrade Bomana Primary School to build a secondary school component.

This is being offered by the Shenzhen Municipal Government of Shenzhen City, China following a signed sister city agreement with Shenzhen last year.

The overall construction of the school will cost about K40m and this is a gift as part of the growing relationship between Shenzhen and Moresby.