Seafloor production tools

Nautilus completes successful trials in PNG

The company announced on Monday (12th Feb) that it has successfully completed its trials at the Motukea Port outside of Port Moresby.

Mike Johnston, Nautilus’ CEO, said: “The overarching objective of the trials was to ensure that all three machines met the requirements of their respective functional design specifications in submerged conditions.

“Results to date indicate that they do. Analysis is ongoing with a view to complete a full report on the submerged trials by the end of Q1 2018.”

Seafloor tools testing continues

The company is currently testing its Auxiliary Cutter (AC).

This follows the testing of its Collecting Machine (CM), which has indicated that the machine can perform to design specifications, and the team is now looking at operating enhancements.

The AC is a preparatory machine that deals with rough terrain and creates benches for the other machines to work. It will operate on tracks and has a boom mounted cutting head for flexibility.

First seafloor tool passes test: Nautilus

The company said over the weekend that the Collecting Machine (CM) successfully completed its trials, which indicate that the machine can perform to design specifications.

Following the success of the CM trials, Nautilus minerals have begun the trialling of the auxiliary cutter or AC, which will be followed by the Bulk Cutter or BC which the company will report later in the year.

In a statement, Nautilus CEO Mike Johnston said the company was pleased with the progress of the trials as well as construction and delivery of the seafloor production system.