Teachers to resume duty on January 23

The Teaching Service Commission last week released a notice to all teachers to resume work on day one of the resumption week.

TSC said teachers are to return to work and to the position they were teaching in 2016.

Teachers in new positions are also expected to complete relevant forms before students resume classes.

“It is very important that you all resume on time and complete your resumption form and be on the payroll.

More than 1,200 students learn about UN goals

The school program known as “UN4U” has run for years to bring the work of the United Nations and development issues into schools to build their knowledge and expose students to global perspectives.

This year, the sessions with students focused on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, a set of global milestones to which the Government of Papua New Guinea is signatory and which cover economic, social and environmental development aspects.

Cult Movement In Schools Linked to Lack Of Philosophy

This is the observation of the PNG TSCF Graduate Network Inc, the largest Christian professional network in PNG formed three years ago.

The network through its student arm in the secondary and primary levels called the Scripture Union has been financing programs to strengthen students’ spiritual foundations.

Chairman of the Port Moresby Chapter Benjamin Ketegu said the network is using especially its first goal which is art and entertainment, to influence this change in the young generation.

Schools commended for support during nationwide strike

Minister for Education Nick Kuman thanked all the stakeholders in the mainstream education and school boards in the country for their support in allowing their schools to remain open during that time.

Kuman said they were aware that only two schools in Lae and schools in NCD closed their doors in fear of the widespread social media campaign of disruption to government services.

Students visit Lihir gold mine

The schools were Olekowa, Samo, Palie Primary School and Lihir International Primary School.

The students had the opportunity to learn about the importance of observing road and vehicle safety signs.

Their tours started with awareness on the NMSW theme of ‘Vehicle and Road Safety’ followed by talks on the importance of Safety at the mine and plant site.

Other activities during the week-long observation promoting the NMSW theme included a Primary Schools Poster competition, a quiz, and song and slogan competition.

Wet weather forces Oro schools to close

Oro Governor Gary Juffa revealed to Loop PNG this afternoon following his assessment by air on the effect of flooding in the Kokoda-Oro Bay Highway areas.

The flooding has cut off  the transportation link between the main wharf, airport and Popondetta town.

 Juffa said: “Eroro, Kumusi and Girua bridges have not been washed away; it’s the temporary bailey bridges that had their bases getting washed.”

The new bridges costing K30 million funded by the Australia Government are works in progress.

Schools project fees decision next week

Schools are currently not allowed to collect any project fees and for parents who had already paid the project fees levied, schools would hold onto the fees pending the Cabinet decision.

Department acting secretary Dr Uke Kombra confirmed today that the Cabinet has discussed the matter and will make an announced next week.

Earlier this week, Dr Kombra cancelled a directive he issued which allowed schools to collect project fees, because of the “mixed application of the project fees policy”.

Water rationing will not affect schools

All public schools in the country started classes on Monday.

Eda Ranu General Manager, Commercial Services, Paul Gore told Loop PNG that the timing on water cuts to each part of the city is enough.    

 “Most of the suburbs are receiving 18 hours of water meaning schools will have enough water during school hours.

He advised schools to follow Eda Ranu’s water rationing schedule to avoid sending students home.

“In a situation where we have to restrict water in a day, the school has no choice but to cut short teaching hours”

Teachers encouraged to focus on values

Teaching Service Commission chairman Baran Sori said teachers need to re-focus to help and mold students to become good citizens.

This must be done through teaching and the way they conduct themselves in the school and community as role models for students to emulate.

Sori urged the 52 000 teachers nationwide to make a small positive impact on a student or group of students in your school.

Fuel depot upgrade planned for Cooks' Penrhyn

One of the main projects for the force's Tropic Twilight exercise is the relocation and rebuilding of the fuel depot on Penrhyn.

New Zealand's Foreign Minister Murray McCully says improving fuel storage will enable better use of the patrol boat Te Kukupa to carry out fisheries surveillance around the islands.

The force's engineers will also upgrade buildings on Manihiki.

The exercise will involve China, the United States, the UK and France and is aimed at testing the force's abilities to provide disaster relief and humanitarian assistance.