Zombie crime scene helping kids learn about science

The amateur detective program was designed by teachers at Penrith Valley School, a facility for children with behavioural problems or complex emotional needs who have struggled with mainstream learning.

"A lot of them have had a lot of poor experiences in the classroom so they've got an expectation of failure that they're bringing in," principal Nic Danta said.

"And so the first stage is just to re-build that trust and connect them with education."

Kombra: School venues not to be used for political campaigns

This was issued in a Circular, dated 07/11/16 to all the provincial authorities, principals, teachers and stakeholders warning them to safeguard the school facilities before, during and after the 2017 National Election. 

He urged schools and other educational institutions to take precautionary measures to ensure that all schools’ assets and facilities are well secured to avoid possible destruction to state assets and disharmony in the school community.

Girls urged to get vaccinated against cervical cancer

Girls aged 9-14 years and attending grade 3-6 at a private or public primary school in NCD will be offered the vaccination free of charge.

The cervical cancer vaccination is fully endorsed by the PNG National Department of Health and the World Health Organisation.

It is part of the PNG National Health Plan and will be offered to all girls in PNG.

A consent form will be given to the girls at school to take home to be signed by a parent or guardian and returned to school before the scheduled vaccination day.

Several Lae schools will close today

This is mainly for schools that have taken part in the funeral service of former chief secretary, the late Sir Manasupe Zurenuoc. 

Head teacher of St Paul's Lutheran Primary School, Mr. Genkawa, made the announcement during the Parents and Citizens (PNC) meeting on Sunday (yesterday).

"Schools who have participated in the funeral service of Sir Manasupe Zurenuoc will resume classes on Tuesday. Monday will be a holiday for those schools," he said.

'Why compulsory sex education is important to faith schools and LGBTQ pupils'

Campaigners are celebrating the ruling, saying giving more children access to sex and relationship information from an early age will be beneficial.

It means faith schools, where sex education has previously been limited, will now teach pupils about sex.

However, parents will still be able to opt children out of these classes.

The ruling is "really important" as it will equip young people with essential information on sex and relationships, Laura Hannah, the education and training manager for leading UK sexual health charity Brook, says.

Need for more school inspectors to help monitor TFF policy

Kuman revealed that when TFF was first introduced in 2012, there were problems in making sure that there was transparency and accountability in terms of the disbursement and use of the funds.

There are officers, school inspectors and TFF coordinators in each province, now on ground to effectively monitor the implementation of the TFF Policy. 

The Minister said that school inspectors in the country must increase right throughout 89 districts in the country so that they can be able to visit all the schools and do all the quality checks.

Porebada Primary in need of teachers’ houses and classrooms

The school is located within Porebada Village in the Kairuku Hiri District and has a population of more than 1000 students which includes the elementary school.

The village has a population of over 10,000 people and this has seen an increase of students every year.

The school started in the 1950s and is now a level six standard with 24 teachers, and is a feeder school to Redscar High School. 

Deputy Head Teacher Kute Nokae revealed that the school only has 15 teachers’ houses with nine teachers accommodated by the village.

Govt placed additional 1 mil children in school: PM

This was the message from Prime Minister Peter O’Neill during the ‘2017 Prime Minister’s Back-to-Business Breakfast’ last week.

He said they achieved this by investing over K3.5 billion in direct funding to schools through the Tuition Fee Free education program.

“Today, we have two million children in school – close to half of them are girls,” said the PM.

“We know there have been problems in getting so many children into school in a short period of time.

“This has meant more children are in each class, and student to teacher ratios have increased.

Back to school: Know the signs it is time to get your child's eyes tested

Andrew Hogan of Optometry Australia sees a lot of children in his practice in Hobart, often when parents or teachers notice one of those symptoms.

"Kids won't complain about blurry vision," he told Helen Shield on ABC Radio Hobart.

"Kids who aren't paying attention [in class], sometimes it's simply because they can't see and they don't realise that everyone else can see, because they've got nothing to compare it to."

K75m TFF funding approved for schools

Education Minister Nick Kuman revealed this today in Parliament.

He said the Expenditure Committee has approved the funding last week and released the money.

“When it hits the banks, all the school accounts will be credited across the country.

“We have not failed in any year in paying the school fees in this country.”

Kuman said the Government has retired every TFF commitment in the country.

Kuman was responding to a supplementary question from Sinasina Yonguml MP Kerenga Kua during the Question Without Notice this morning.