School of Law

Interns Strengthen Anti-Corruption Efforts

Through the Legal Internship Partnership, TIPNG is able to offer 3rd and 4th Year UPNG Law School students the opportunity to gain valuable work experience as part of its mission to empower people in PNG to take action against corruption.

UPNG Moot Court

The Moot Court grand finals was between the Licit Rookies who represented the plaintiff’s case. The Maienduo Litigators represented the case of the defendants.

Cases presented were drafted by lawyers from various law firms, and given to students to do research and argue their cases.   

President of UPNG Law Students Society Bernitha Wagun explained that the Moot court is an academic activity that is run by the School of Law and facilitated by the law student society every year. Participants are 2nd to final year Law students. They are encouraged to participate.