school fight

Police boss issues warning to students

This is the warning from the Lae police boss, Anthony Wagambie Jnr, following the recent school fight between Lae and Bugandi secondary.

“My warning to the students is, if you take the streets again to start up any more of this nonsense, you will end up behind bars,” he says.

“Police have given enough opportunities for you to change and stop this.

“You don't understand that your actions could have led to damage to many properties, looting of shops, damage to vehicles of the travelling public, serious injuries and even death.

Students injured from Bugandi, Lae secondary clash

A fight broke out after school at Eriku again, where a couple of Lae Secondary School boys received injuries. Police were at the location and managed to disperse them.

More than 200 male students from Bugandi secondary came out of school and marched towards the Salamanda way around 8am yesterday morning.

A Police Sector Patrol Unit was there and tried to stop them at Bugandi roundabout and get them back to school but they (students) refused to listen and headed straight for Eriku.