NSLS encourage people to save

Pikinini Saver is a vital addition to Nambawan Savings & Loans Society's range of products as it addresses the need for parents to save for planned major events in their children's lives.

Director, Shirley Margin, emphasizes the importance of instilling a savings culture in society, especially in a country where financing homes and education poses a significant challenge. She says the introduction of Pikinini Saver is a way to empower parents and guardians, ensuring they have adequate funds to cater to their children's educational needs and future endeavours.

Permanent home built from NCSL savings

The couple recently completed their high covenant three-bedroom house just in time for 2019 Christmas and the 2020 New Year celebrations. 

Gole is currently employed by Kutmor Ltd and said she came to know about NCSL through a colleague, who is also a fellow NCSL member.

The construction of the dream home took close to two years for full completion. Gole said having a goal such as building a house was not an easy feat, as one has to be strict with savings.

Pacific islanders urged to save money

The report of the study on the impact of the MoneyMinded programme of the Australian New Zealand Bank in Fiji, Samoa, Tonga and Vanuatu was released at the 5th Pacific Media Summit by Jessie Cocker, deputy governor of the National Reserve Bank of Tonga.

Results of the study show that the percentage of participants of MoneyMinded who saved regularly increased in all the four countries.

It went up by 56% for Fiji and Tonga, 44% in Samoa and 40% in Vanuatu.

The benefits of education savings

Member Services & Branch Support Manager, Robert Thadeus, said the Education Savings Account will serve its purpose to meet education expenses only if supporting documents are provided with the application. 
“Most parents and guardians lodging applications for Education Savings Withdrawal do not attach supporting documents like school fee invoice, deposit slips, confirmation letter from school accepting child or invoice/quote from stationery supplier,” Thadeus said. 

How 7 different women save their money

You're not alone if you feel way more comfortable dishing out the details of your sex life to your BFFs than you are revealing how much you earn. But money — earning it, spending it, saving it — is essential, and just having a casual convo about ca$h could inspire you to take a good, hard look at your own financial situation. Seven women from around the U.S. shared how much they're making and how much they're saving — and why they're saving it.

Boy, 7, sells enough lemonade to buy a pony

Sabastian Kent had been selling lemonade for two years to buy a pony, managing to save $3,000 (US $2,285), said his mother, Juliana Kent.

She filmed the moment that Sabastian, her oldest son, was taken to the family's red barn to see his prize -- a white pony named "Tom Boy."

As soon as he saw it, Sabastian turned around, crying happy tears, and hugged his father.


'It's awesome'

"What do you think?" his mother asked.

"It's awesome," Sabastian said as he wiped away tears.