Satoshi Nakajima

Amb Nakajima farewelled

Ambassador Satoshi Nakajima will be leaving the shores of PNG after serving for 2 years and 11 months.

He will be leaving on December 13th while his successor, Kuniyuki Nakahara, is expected in the country in a few weeks’ time.

The ambassador and his wife were farewelled at the Japanese Embassy on the evening of December 5th, where his Deputy Secretary of Policy, Satoshi Isono, said the ambassador will also be retiring after 43 years as a diplomat.

Newly upgraded Alotau market open

The project was funded by a Japanese government grant of approximately K33 million.

The newly completed market is very spacious with more than 2,800m² of total floor space and is equipped with a wharf, an ice station, toilets and so on. This project is part of Japan’s efforts to support the development of fisheries in PNG. Similar projects have been undertaken in Madang and Wewak in the past.

Infrastructure upgrade for schools

All these will be possible after Tuesday’s contract signing between Ambassador of Japan to Papua New Guinea, His Excellency Satoshi Nakajima, and head teachers from Kil, Kinjibi primary schools and Tatana Elementary School.

These three schools are successful recipients of the grant assistance for grassroots human security projects under Japan’s official development assistance program in PNG.

​Locals challenged to maintain project

Speaking during the closing of the saltwater desalination pilot project on Tuesday at Bipi Island, Minister Maru said the people of Manus were very privileged to benefit from such projects.

This project converts beach well water into fresh drinking water, using the technology of reverse osmosis and solar power.

He said many other atoll provinces, who also experience water shortage during the dry seasons, would want to have this but Manus is privileged.

"It’s a big investment. And delivering it here is more expensive than other places," Minister Maru said.