Sasindran Muthuvel

Rural areas at risk of HIV spreading

This is one of the key findings in the 2015 Inquiry Report on the status of HIV/AIDS in Papua New Guinea.

It was revealed by West New Britain Governor and Chairman of the Special Parliamentary Committee on HIV/AIDS Advocacy, Sasindran Muthuvel, in Parliament yesterday.

“HIV/AIDS fury is far reaching and rampant in the remote rural communities while many people lack knowledge and risks of how HIV/AIDS is spreading and blamed AIDS related deaths to sorcery.

India to supply 7.2m ART drugs to PNG

This was announced by West New Britain Governor and Chairman of the HIV/AIDS Advocacy Committee, Sasindran Muthuvel.

He made the announcement when making a statement on the committee’s 2015 Inquiry Report on the status of HIV/AIDS in Papua New Guinea.

Governor Muthuvel was part of Peter O’Neill’s entourage when the Prime Minister visited India mid this year.

It was during the trip that Muthuvel realized the inexpensive cost of ART drugs in the country.

Muthuvel wants assurance on PNG Games

Questioning the Minister for Sports and National Events Justin Tkatchenko today in Parliament, Muthuvel asked the Minister to explain how prepared the government is towards the PNG Games.

“What is the preparedness for PNG Games as it is a national event and not a provincial event that’s why it is called PNG Games.

“Considering the national elections next year, what is the assurance that the Government has to implement the PNG Games in West New Britain?” he asked.

Digicel reaches remote South coast of WNB

The WNB Provincial Government in partnership with Digicel PNG built two Towers in the area to improve the communication services

One tower was built in Maklo in Kandrian and the other at Airagilpua in Gloucester.

Governor Sasindran Muthuvel launched the two towers.

Muthuvel when speaking at the launch said we are living in the 21st century and communication is vital.

He told the people that from where he came from (India), they can excess internet, communicate with people in Kimbe and with the outside world.

Aid partners satisfied with visit to WNB

Accompanied by WNB Governor Sasindran Muthuvel and Central Bank Governor Loi Bakani to various projects in the province, the delegation were impressed with the progress of the projects in the province.

The delegations comprising of two representatives each from IFC, World Bank and the Asian Development Bank visited the Hoskins Airport, 66kv power line project from Bialla to Kimbe, 12 bridges along the New Britain Highway, the bio gas plant generating 3megawatts power at Mosa and the Kumbango and oil mill operations.

Governor Muthuvel clarifies purchase of hotel

The news of the purchase of the hotel got viral on WNB Community page on social media which create confusion to the people.

Muthuvel told Loop PNG this morning via a phone text that the WNB Provincial government offer was withdrawn.

However, some commentators on social media applauds Governor Muthuvel for such investment saying investment is what WNB needs.

Muthuvel aids churches in WNB

Muthuvel said churches play an important role in the society we live in.

In supporting his vision for the churches, Muthuvel recently presented K50, 000 to Turuk Catholic church from the Provincial Services Improvement Programme (PSIP) to renovate their church buildings.

"When the mind and speech unite in earnestly asking for a thing, that prayer is answered.”

“How the saline waters of the ocean, contaminated drains, stagnant lakes from anywhere, evaporates into the above and comes down as rain, it becomes a pure water to drink.”

Muthuvel calls for an appointment of OPIC boss

He said OPIC has been inactive for the last two years and urged Tomscoll to intervene and bring in the much needed restructure change in the organization and speed up the appointment of the general secretary.

Muthuvel also pointed out that the government has focused on coffee and other cash crops even though Oil palm brings in about K1.6b in revenue to the government coffers every year.

Young Shyam Muthuvel grabs valuable experience in KF1 Rookie race

Shyam Sasindran told Loop PNG via WhatsApp that the KF1 Rookie race which is meant for ages between 14 to 19 years was very challenging.

“I was a very new drive just 20 sessions of practice not everyone could have done that.

“At first, I felt like I was scared and that I was going to lose because I had no practice with my competitors in the race day because a kart banged into me and in qualifying, ended up 19 on the grid out of 20.

WNB pass K246.8 million Budget

Governor Sasindran Muthuvel told Loop PNG that the biggest slice of the budget will go to the education sector, health and infrastructure.

He said all the proposed high schools in the province will be benefitting in this years Budget, which include Talasea High School, Cenaka and others.

Muthuvel said significant Projects like the Bialla water supply project will be given a counter funding of K1m, the Ko bridge with a counter funding of K500,000, Saraklok Sec 8 bridge with K500,000, Amio road maintenance with K2m and other current projects.