Sasindran Muthuvel

WNB Governor on campaign trail fever

Muthuvel visited places like Pililo and other outer islands of the south coast.

With the focus on his key priority areas, Muthuvel is confident in returning for the second term.

His key priority areas include:

WNB Administrator praises Governor

In an exclusive interview with Loop PNG, Williamson Hosea said Muthuvel will move the province to other levels if given another chance.

“Now our children can go to school in school buses without paying for it and our people can drink clean water from the water pumps, thanks to the Governor.”

He said despite criticisms, Muthuvel has outperformed previous governors.

“I am urging the people of WNB to really assess the service delivery and vote for a candidate that can bring services to the province.”

Huge crowd witnesses Muthuvel’s nomination

He said the turn-out of the crowd signified what his government  and administration, the National Government and development partners have done for the Province.

He thanked the churches for their contribution to service delivery through Church-based organizations (CBO’s ) and since before Independence until today.

“Churches have played a big role in shaping the service delivery for this nation,” he said.

Over 45,000 people to access upgraded hospital

During the ground-breaking ceremony on Wednesday, WNB Governor Sasindran Muthuvel.

Speaking during the ceremony, Muthuvel expressed his gratitude in finally seeing this major project become reality. A funding of K1.1 million from the Provincial Services Improvement Program was available since 2015, but couldn't materialise due to the delay in the bureaucratic process.

"In any Government, education and health are two main priority sectors as they go hand in hand, just like both eyes in the human physical function that has each sharing equal importance,” said the Governor.

WNB Governor presents K500,000 to YWAM

Governor Sasindran Muthuvel on Thursday presented a cheque of K500,000 to the YWAM.

The funding was for the medical ship to bring the health services closer to the people in Bali Witu, Kandrian Coastal, Gasmata , Kove Kaliai and Gloucester and Kandrian Inland areas where they have not received any proper medical services.

“For the first time, we can address through this arrangement to carry out various medical operations such as dental operations and many other medical treatments.”

Sapuri praises Muthuvel for bringing medical ship to Kimbe


“Thank you so much for your time and effort in progressing our Province and importantly for supporting me and our team in WNBPHA.

“Your support has significantly progressed our development in the health sector.

“Once again we would require your support to bring Australian Doctors International to WNB to assist with Rural Health Programs.”

Bialla LLG women receive gesture from Governor Muthuvel

Provincial Governor Sasindran Muthuvel and his delegates arrived in the area in a vehicle adorned with presents for women groups. The presents included the truck, sewing machines, fishing nets and a sea ambulance boat for the Nantabu Health Centre.
A jubilant crowd thanked the Governor saying they were overwhelmed with his heartwarming gesture.

Muthuvel presents truck to Malalia United Church


The truck was presented to the Superintendent Minister, Rev, Robinson Isoli of Malalia United Church in front of a large crowd recently.

Consisting of four congregations and nine pastorates the vehicle will serve its people
from as far as Sabal Tepun and Kasia who fall under the West Nakanai Division.

"We have had people walk as far as 10 to 20km to attend combined service on special occasions, and the vehicle will greatly ease our transport issues," said Rev Aisoli

JICA funds major projects in WNB

A ground-breaking ceremony was held in WNB on Monday by visiting delegation from Japan which included  Japan’s Ambassador to PNG Satosh Nakajima.

The Ambassador was accompanied by Works Secretary David Wereh, his deputy operations Steven Pup and the regional Works manager John Sitapai.

The project was funded by JICA at a cost of K80 million.

WNB Governor Sasindran Muthuvel thanked the people of Japan through JICA for this massive project.

KPHL becomes Gold sponsor for 7th PNG Games

The Games will be held from March 18 to April 1 and will bring together 21 provincial teams and 12,000 athletes and officials.

KPHL Managing Director, Wapu Sonk announced KPHL Boards endorsement of the Gold Sponsor package of K500, 000.

Sonk stated that as Papua New Guineas national Oil and Gas Company, its vision is to create value and opportunity for Papua New Guineans and this Gold sponsorship gesture is a demonstration of the company’s vision.