Samsung Galaxy S8

​Samsung S8 gives new meaning to ‘smart’ phone

This is now possible with the launch of Samsung’s new Artificial Intelligence agent Bixby that PNG users can experience on the new Samsung S8.

The Bixby is a new way to help users get more out of their phone and navigate through services and apps with simple voice, touch and text commands.

Users can utilise Bixby’s voice function on several Samsung native apps and features including camera, contacts, gallery, messages and settings.

Galaxy S8 Plus 128GB initial stock sells out in Korea

The South Korean tech giant prepared 150,000 units for pre-orders of the Galaxy S8 Plus 128GB model, which only comes in jet black and has 6GB RAM compared to 4GB RAM of the Galaxy S8. Now initial stock has sold out, those who newly pre-order the phone will get the model as late as end of May, Samsung said.

The company also said it has sold a total of 620,000 units of the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus in the country so far.

Samsung Galaxy S8's facial unlocking feature can be fooled with a photo

With both IRIS and Facial Recognition features, this makes it easier for users to unlock their smartphone and signing into websites.

All users need to do is simply hold their Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus in front of their eyes or their entire face, as if they were taking a selfie, in order to unlock their phone.

Biometric technology – that involve person's unique identification (ID), such as Retinal, IRIS, Fingerprint or DNA – is now being integrated into more consumer devices for improved security.

Samsung Galaxy S8 hides home button and gains Bixby AI

The screens of the Galaxy S8 and bigger S8+ are also larger despite the devices being about the same size as last year's S7 and S7 Edge.

This time, both models feature displays that curve round the phones' sides.

The launch follows Samsung's botched release of the Note 7, which was recalled twice after fires.

The South Korean firm blamed the problem on battery faults and said it had since put in additional safety measures, including X-ray scans of batteries.

The company has also become mired in a corruption scandal in its home country.