Sam Basil

Namah, Basil say sorry to Chief Somare

He said Sir Michael was a true father that always had a forgiving heart for his children.

Namah said what transpired was politics and nothing personnel.

Deputy Opposition Leader Sam Basil also apologised to Sir Michael for what they had done in 2011.

He said they realised that they did make a mistake with their actions in forcefully removing Sir Michael.

Basil also publicly apologised to Sir Michael in Wewak during Sir Michael’s 80th Birthday anniversary in March.

Basil hands over position to Polye

The handover of the leadership was done accordingly and followed every process.

Basil welcomes Polye back and handed over the position in front of his other Opposition members this afternoon in Port Moresby.

Polye had stood down from the position after the National Court set aside his 2012 election over disputed ballot boxes.

After a successful election petition by runner-up, Alfred Manase, the court on May 2, ruled that five ballot boxes in Polye's Kandep electorate were not properly counted by the Electoral Commission.

Basil: Students awareness program must continue

This awareness is aimed to inform the public about their petition in which they plan to present to Prime Minister Peter O’Neill.

Police on Tuesday gave verbal promises that they would permit students in small groups to go round the city in a public awareness program.

Basil stated that NCD Commander Sylvester Kalaut now says that students will not be allowed to carry out any public awareness. 

Basil explained that these groups of students will talk with citizens and they will learn from the students about the real issues of this nation.

Freedom of speech must be practiced, says Basil

Basil exclusively told Loop PNG that the money that was committed by government for various projects or commitments must be condition free.

He was responding to questions regarding the free education policy which some MPs are claiming to remove if students at the higher institutions take part in a protest to petition the Prime Minister to step down.

He said when MPs make commitments or sponsor students through various scholarships, the money used were public funds so cannot be given with conditions.

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Sir Michael declares retirement

Founding father of this great nation, Sir Michael Somare, last night officially announced his retirement from politics.


Basil takes opportunity to reconcile with Chief

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Happy 80th birthday Sir Michael Thomas Somare!

People have already converged to the Sir Michael Somare stadium for Sir Michael Somare's 80th birthday party.

Cabinet reshuffle sees Tkatchenko taking on APEC

Basil takes opportunity to reconcile with Chief

Basil’s reconciliation with Sir Michael was for what he said during a political impasse in 2011. Basil told Sir Michael to get out of Parliament as "he was a stranger in the Chamber".

 "I am very sorry for what I said and take those words back."

“Sir Michael is not a stranger in the House but we, young people are strangers in the House," Basil said.

Sir Michael in accepting Basil's apology was in tears. Basil was accompanied by Goilala MP William Sam.

Opposition challenges media to be fair

Opposition Leader Don Poyle threw the challenge in a media conference yesterday in Port Moresby.

“Some media houses are deliberately misconceiving and twisting facts,” Polye said.        

 “I advise media to seek advice from their lawyers to verify matters of national importance so they may report the right thing.

“They have the freedom of speech and must report the truth which is verified.”

Opposition challenge PM to test numbers on floor of parliament

In a media conference this morning Opposition deputy leader Sam Basil make this call after the Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare denied that he had seconded the Opposition's latest no-confidence motion against O'Neill.

“If O'Neill claims that he has the numbers, all he needs to do is accept the motion and we test it on the floor,” Basil said.

He said once the Opposition is ‘flat out’ on the floor, by that process than the Opposition will accept that.

Basil claimed that the MPS are just pretending to be with the government.

Signatures were not forged, says Basil

Basil  who is the mover of the vote submitted it to the Speaker's office on Tuesday.

Basil, supported by his Opposition Leader Don Polye, Lae MP Loujaya Kouza, Rabaul MP Alan Marat and Goilala MP William Samb fronted the media before Parliament convened this morning.

 "We will not forge any signatures as claimed by the Government," Basil said.