Sam Basil

Basil’s move, a betrayal of trust: North Fly MP

Donald has described their sudden departure from the Alliance Team in the Opposition, as an ‘act of betrayal’ and one that is driven by ‘fear and uncertainty’.

But, he says, that doesn’t mean individual MPs in the Opposition like himself will give in easily to Government but will still remain with the Alliance Team in the Opposition because it is not the only right thing to do but it is also to do with the wishes of his people.

Sir Nagora expresses sadness over Basil’s move

Basil along with other 11 MPs from the PANGU Pati moved to the Government side on Monday, Sept 11, 2017.

The prominent Morobean leader said: “It is indeed a disparaging verdict on the leadership style, demeanour and values of the honourable Member from Bulolo.

“I say this because PANGU has a rich history and record of leading Papua New Guinea out of colonialism to self-rule and many voters around the country were happy to see Sam Basil, who got re-elected in 2012 as an independent Member of Parliament, take the reins of the Party in 2016.

​Sir Mekere disagrees with Basil’s move

“This was the last thing I thought would happen when I asked my colleague Independent MPs to join Pangu Pati,” Sir Mekere said.

“Of course I respect the decision by the individual Members to move as they see fit. But I do not agree with the move.”

Sir Mekere claims the O’Neill Government had wrecked Papua New Guinea during the last five years – wrecked important oversight institutions, interfered with law enforcement agencies, allowed corruption to flourish, grossly mismanaged public finances and forced the economy into recession.

Reasons explaining move to be released: Basil

Today Prime Minister Peter O’Neil officially announced the move following days of speculations.

Sam Basil however did not give detailed information of the move.

He said he will be releasing a paid “advertisement” in the daily papers fully explaining the move.

But the once anti-PNC campaigner said Papua New Guineans have chosen the Government and now Pangu has done the same.

 “We want the speculation to be put to rest that we have made out decision and we are happy to be joining hands with PNC.”

Pangu split confirmed

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill made the announcement today.

Basil moved with all the Pangu MPs from Morobe Province, including Central Province, Sohe and Lufa.

Listed are names of MPs that made the switch:

Basil neither confirms or denies rumours

PNG Loop spoke to Basil today, who stated that if anything were official he would call a media conference like he usually does.

Basil’s tone was harsh when this Journalist called him to verify if rumours on social media were true.

“If anything we will call a media conference,” said Basil.


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VIDEO: Look into DSIP funds

This he said must be reasoned out, depending on the verification of cost of service delivery in each district.  


Imelda Wavik with more 


Basil wants more Shadow Ministries

Basil said currently there are only 14 Shadow Ministries funded for the Opposition ranks which has been the norm since independence.

He said the funding will allow shadow ministers to adequately keep in check the Ministers in Government.

Basil plans to ask the Opposition coalition to make a submission to the Parliamentary Council to fund 

“If the government has 33 Ministries, we want 33 Shadow Ministries in the opposition so that we can effectively put up policies against the government on the floor.

Five MPs join PANGU

The MPs include former Prime Minister and Moresby North-West MP, Mekere Morauta, Central Province Governor Robert Agarobe, Rigo MP Lekwa Gure, Wabag MP Dr Lino Tom and South Fly MP Sekie Agisa.

In a media conference in Port Moresby, PANGU Leader Sam Basil announced the addition of the five MPs.

Basil said as a major party in the Opposition, they will move to consolidate their political priorities and pathway. This is mainly focused in agriculture, women and family, church partnership, decentralisation, economic reforms, law and justice, Bougainville and governance.

“We are fighting to remove poor leadership”

This was reiterated in press conference today by Pangu Party leader and member elect for Bulolo, Sam Basil upon welcoming also the new Governor of Morobe Province, Ginson Goheyu Saonu.

Basil made this calling to the member elect for Kabwum, Patrick Basa stating that PNC has created a leadership vacuum in the Morobe Province and elsewhere too.