Pay rise guaranteed for public employees: Association

The increment is consistent with the 2017-2019 Memorandum of Agreement between Department of Personnel Management and Public Employees Association.

Given the downturn in economy and financial constraints faced by the government, the award was not factored in the 2017 and 2018 budgets, hence denying the public servants of the 3 percent increment.

Public Employees Association president, Robert Kutapai, said in a statement that the National Executive Council has now directed the Department of Treasury and Finance to source out funding to facilitate the award.

Public Servants pay problems loom

For the last two fortnights public servants in some government departments received their salaries very late.

A senior government official told LOOP PNG that in the last two fortnights they had to “run around to find money” to pay salaries.

He says they were told the Government account is in the red by K3 billion.

However,  Prime Minister Peter O’Neill has brushed aside this talk, saying: “The Government has adequate funds to meet its commitments and the payroll for public servants”.