Saidor High School

Saidor High School Closed

School Principal, Ruben Numunepe said he had received instructions from acting Madang Provincial Education Director, John Ura to close the school, while police investigations into the matter continues.

Mr Numunepe broke the news to school management, parents and the community gathered at the school yesterday. They have all agreed on the decision and help police to investigate and bring out the suspects involved.

School mess burnt to ashes

School Principal Ruben Numunepe said police were notified and investigation is underway. The principal alleged that the incident occurred at 2am, when all staff and students were fast asleep.

Mr Numunepe had in mind some possible suspects who might have caused the fire, and went on to mention the recent suspension of some 20 male students for consuming alcohol inside the school premises. The principal said the school board and management also received threats from the suspended students.

Saidor High School Suspends Classes

Following this, a school ancillary staff was attacked by a drunken youth who entered the school premises.

School Deputy Principal Alfred Gem said while the police and the school administration were still investigating the break and enter incident, their staff member was beaten up by the drunkard over issues relating to money. Students tried to retaliate, but the drunk was escorted out of the school area. Mr Gen said the intoxicated youth was later taken down to the police station.