Brewery Marks 900 days Without Accident

SPB described it as a “more than a desirable event”, which objectively demonstrates their commitment to a safe work environment.

This achievement is the result of the constant drive to adopt best practices and standards to align the company to the most updated safety processes and principles.

SPB’s continuous attention to safety was confirmed by the launching of their revamped Life Saving Commitments in April.

“Safety is our first priority as we want all our staff to go home to their families safely, every day,” said Port Moresby Brewery manager, Coen Oreel.

​Fire service warns landlords

This is the message from the PNG Fire Service, after a child tragically died in a fire at Badili on Sunday.

The Port Moresby residential building, which was once a shop, caught fire at around 2pm.

While the cause of the Badili fire is yet to be established, Acting Chief Fire Officer, Bill Roo, raised concerns about buildings that have had their class of occupancy changed to another without complying with proper processes prescribed in the Building Act (Regulations) chapter 301 or the PNG fire code.