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Internet Aids Rural Health Care

The SDP said prior to installing their satellite dish and internet connection, the villagers of Habi in Western Province had to walk three hours to Mougulu through the rough mountain terrain for medical help. 

VIDEO: Drugs needed in rural areas

This is evident at the Malalamai village,in the Rai coast village of Madang where a little semi-permanent structure caters for over six villages. 


Imelda Wavik reports

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Sirinumu water level heads for danger mark

The water level at Sirinumu dam is dropping to a dangerous level and people are urged to save water.

120,000 registered with NID cards

Rural Madang lack health services

Provincial Health Director Marcus Kachau says he has not seen any improvements in the priority health programs in the province.

Kachau says the Madang Health Office has three minimum priority areas: making sure that facilities were operational, equipping health centres with the right medical supplies and staff, and constantly supervise rural health centres.