Growing dump sites concern locals

This call follows an observation on the growing number of waste heaps along the two main highways into the Central Province – Magi Highway and Hiritano Highway.

The waste vary from old household and office furniture, vehicle parts, old drums to shopping plastics and boxes.

This practice has been ongoing for years and has become a norm for anybody in the city to drive out and dump their waste anywhere along the highway.

Parkop encourages residents to take ownership of city

Parkop said NCDC is doing all it can to improve the environment and needs everyone to start taking ownership and be responsible for the city they live.

“NCDC spends millions in cleaning the city but it cannot do the job on its own.

“We need everybody’s support because the issue is with people’s bad habits.

“Residents need to be educated on taking ownership and responsibility in order to change their mindsets,” Parkop said.

He stressed that Port Moresby cannot attract businesses and investors if the city is not clean.

Picture by Kennedy Bani