Policemen arrested and held for robbery

The men were involved in an armed robbery at the Too Fast Motors on Sunday night in Port Moresby.

NCD Metropolitan Police Commander Ben Turi says that police managed to recover K14,000, a pistol belonging to the company owner as well as some of the stock items that were taken.

Twelve cartons of smoke, as well as some electronic items were also returned.

Turi says that all the personnel have been suspended without pay pending investigations with no bail granted.

Baki: 2016 Year of Police Discipline

In a media brief this afternoon, Baki outlined his intentions to get his senior rank and file in order so they can deal with an apparent lack of command and control.

In an 11 page address which also contained a 48 point run down of all police disciplinary offences, Baki told media that this year his administration would take a zero tolerance approach to abuse, ill-discipline and other conduct unbecoming of police personnel.

He stated that he would not hesitate to deal with senior officers who were found to be covering up or facilitating for such breaches of conduct.

​ Defence still waiting on police over shooting

This is about the joint investigation into the fatal police killing of 25 year old Nelson Rema and  the apparent wounding of one of their soldiers who was involved in the incident.

PNGDF Chief of Staff, Colonel Mark Goina, would not comment on the issue further,  only adding that his  officers are waiting on the police to set up the meeting.

Police chief aims to get older recruits

In his Christmas address Police Commissioner Gari Baki said that the recruitment age gap will be increased from between 18 to 35.

This will be so that aspiring young men and women, as well as matured citizens already employed in the workforce are given the opportunity to join the Constabulary.

He also said that the current recruitment training at the Bomana Police College will be increased from six to eighteen months to allow the Constabulary to churn out intakes who are disciplined, well matured and subservient to the demands of policing.

Soldiers and cops clean up Mount Hagen

In total 99 personnel took part in the cleanup exercise that was aimed to give back to the community, after the forces had been living in the community for the past 6 months.

The soldiers were sent there to look after the road from Lae to Koroba Kopiago along the Highlands Highway.

At about 5:30am, 49 soldiers along with 50 police officers cleaned up from the Tarangau estate where the military base was located through to the Hagen main market and Hagen CBD.

Manu Update: Police on alert despite assurance from bosses

NCD Metro Command Officer, Ben Isakuma says city police have resumed normal duties while the top echelon of the two Forces work through details of an investigation and possible arrests.

Police are on the lookout for opportunists also.

A statement from the Defence Force is expected today.


Picture shows deserted Borok after the fights yesterday.

​New police bosses called on to be ‘agents of change’

During the ceremony Commissioner Baki  expressed confidence in the promotional changes as  they signified the change of the old guard to the new.

He said that these officers represented the future deputy commissioners, and commissioners in the making.

Baki also expressed satisfaction with and endorsed the outcome of the Police Promotion Selection Board 1 of 2015 under the chairmanship of Reverend Sommy Setu, and members Francis Tokura, Chief of the Bougainville Police Service, and ACP Southern Allan Kundi.