Lae police commander Wagambie Jnr not shaken by criticism

"Criticisms and comments from anyone will not sway me or shaken me to perform my duties. I only respond to my Commissioner and that is Gari Baki, through the office of my Divisional Commander of Northern Peter Guinness and the two Deputy Commissioners.

"They are my bosses and I listen to them and nobody else," he said yesterday.

He  said this in response to media reports of his removal by Works and Implementation Minister Francis Awesa during the funeral service of slain Unitech student Graham Romarong in Mendi over the weekend.

Atiyafa thanks disciplinary forces and people for successful ACP Meeting

He also heaped praise on city residents for looking after the international guests, adding that Papua New Guineans have always been culturally receptive. “We may have our own problems, but as Melanesians we have the tendency of looking after our guests. The hospitality accorded to our dignitaries attending the ACP meetings was truly commendable and therefore I must thank the people for being receptive and nice,” Atiyafa said.

Police forces combine to play basketball with Bosconians

This initiative is the first of its kind and was put together by Police Station Commander for Badili, Tony Kavan and his community policing officer.

The team of police officers comprised both of AFP and RPNGC officers who played against a team of Bosconians  which saw the boys beat the officers to a score of 39- 19 

Inspector Jim Armstrong of the AFP says the initiative was a great idea and that the games is one way to try to bring about community engagement and to show communities that they are there for them and vice versa.

O’Neill welcomes new class of police recruits

He said it is an indication of ongoing advancement of law enforcement around the nation.

The Prime Minister said after a decade of not graduating a single recruit from the Bomana Training College, the stream of graduates who are now passing through the college is reassuring.

“We needed a new approach to policing and law enforcement in our country, and this is what our Government is delivering,” PM O’Neill said.

“We have more police on duty around our nation and this is keeping communities and businesses safer.

All fraud officers will now be working in crimes directorate

Police Commissioner Gari Baki tells Loop PNG that these officers are all members of the constabulary and will be treated as such.

Baki closes fraud office

Commissioner Gari Baki says that he has taken the stance to regain command and control of the police force.

Lae police needs support says Wagambie Jnr

Lae Metropolitan Police Commander Anthony Wagambie Junior tells PNG Loop that because of the large population and the lack of manpower and logistics incidences occur seven days a week.

He says despite the challenges police have been working well to contain the law and order issue to ensure that citizens of Lae can enjoy freedom of movement in a peaceful environment.

Wagambie Jnr outlined the need for sector patrols in the city which will be a vital unit that will be used in combating and preventing crimes.

Female police officer allowed bail

She was allowed bail at K1000 on Friday April 8 and while her two guarantors are expected to pledge K1000 each to ensure she adheres to all her bail conditions.

She will be released from custody once payments are paid for her bail.

The 40-year-old woman from Kubalia, Yangoru-Saussia district, East Sepik Province was ordered by the court to not interfere with state witnesses while she is out on bail.’

She was also ordered to not have firearms in her possession, to not consume alcohol, not leave NCD, and to attend church service every weekend while out on bail.

Manus police commend people for help

The suspects, 19-year-old Eddie Mulou is the son of a police officer from Tong Island was arrested along with his accomplice Kelly Kuwoh, 25-years-old of Kolwin village, Lorengau.

They entered Lorengau Enterprise shop just as it was about to open for daily operations armed with a shot gun and a bush knife and held up the shop assistant stealing K48,500 in cash and store goods worth about K71,000.

The two men were apprehended with the help of the communities in Lorengau and have appeared in court this week for mention.

Search warrants to be issued over death threats

NCD Metropolitan Police Commander Ben Turi has informed PNG Loop that search warrants will be issued to check all suspected personnel homes and properties.

Turi says that police have been investigating a group of policemen who have been linked to the death threats issued on both the Police Commissioner Gari Baki and himself.

The media were shown examples of  text messages by Turi during a recent raid that implicated an unattached officer.

More raids have been carried out while more officers have been taken in for questioning by the investigators on the case.