Prime Suspect Wounded and Captured

The suspect Polo Peto, who allegedly stabbed a security guard to death which triggered a retaliation and a wave of fights between Hela and Goilala communities living in the city, was also wanted for a string of other murders, according to Badili Police Station Commander Inspector Obert Jerry. 

The PSC said two police units, left Port Moresby last night and travelled to the junction of Goilala and Kairuku Hiri, before capturing Peto at around 12pm today.

Police warns PMV buses

The NCD Traffic Police impounded the buses and fined them K1,000 each using Traffic Infringement Notices. 

The PMV operators were told to pay the fine at the Finance department and produce their official receipts before they could reclaim their buses.

Meanwhile, a man who came out of a PMV along the Hohola section of the Poreporena Freeway was run over and killed over the weekend by a speeding vehicle. 

Police said the victim reportedly came out of a PMV on this route and was crossing the Freeway when he was hit by an ongoing vehicle. 

Policeman arrested for assault

Police confirmed that the police officer was formally arrested, charged and detained at the Boroko Police cell on Friday, 23rd April.

The victim posted on social media detailing the assault that took place on April, 10th, before Bautama along the Magi Highway, Central Province.

The victim was travelling along the highway when she encountered a traffic infringement and was assaulted, she was later assisted by family and locals. 

Alleged Police Assault to be investigated

The alleged victim was said to have been picked up by police, beaten up and threatened to be killed.

Laken Lepatu Aigilo, a lawyer by profession, had alleged that on Sunday, 18th of April, police broke into his home and assaulted him in front of his family and later locked him up.

Aigilo posted on social media detailing the assault, alleging that the move by police was politically motivated.

Police Commissioner David Manning said there was no formal complaint lodged against Aigilo and no arrest was done during the night when he was taken in.

Police investigate murder case in central province

The victim was identified as 27-year-old, Immanuel Ivangai from Inauabui Village, Mekeo, in the Central Province.

It was alleged that the deceased went missing after he was picked up by a passing police patrol vehicle on the 28th of March, 2021.

Acting NCD Central Police Commander, Assistant Commissioner Anthony Wagambie Junior, said the body of the deceased is at the Port Moresby General Hospital’s morgue for a post mortem, while two of Central Police vehicles have been grounded for forensics.

Lack of leadership and supervision within police department: Guinness

Every police personnel must practise leading roles within the establishment and begin taking into consideration the principles of discipline within every facet of their policing operations.


 This was made known to a discipline workshop recently by ACP Guinness.

 He told the course participants, mostly from the Lae Metropolitan and Morobe Provincial Police Command, that they must take some hard yards when it comes to leadership and management their own sections or units.

Judge concerned with Cops conduct

The senior judge of the National and Supreme Court called for a change in tactic, when recently sentenced two cops to 8 years in prison for armed robbery.

He said those above in the police hierarchy must leave the comfort of their offices and attend to allegations of police impropriety to restore the image of RPNGC.

He said the offenses committed by serving members of the RPNGC is spiraling out of control.

Union still pushing for insurance

This week the police association revealed that there was an outstanding K7million outstanding payment owed to deployed troops from operations spanning as far back as 2014.

The Association’s Vice President, Leuth Nidung outlined that while the personnel had a duty to perform, the government needs to have this outstanding fee’s settled.

He highlighted that the state needs to consider the lively hood of the personnel.

Cops in buai raid jailed

“Robbing villagers of their betel nuts and mustards under the pretext of enforcing the National Capital District Betelnut Control Law 2013 is a grave offense.

“The offenders misapplied a law to suit themselves. It has now back fired,” he said when sentencing two NCD Based police officers to 8 years in jail.

George Ikalom and Timothy Rorepa were sentenced after they were convicted over the armed robbery of 52 betel nut bags and six bundles of mustard from four people from the Kairaku area on 21 March 2015.


Bad cops have no place in the RPNGC

He said the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary Management under the leadership of Commissioner Gari Baki has done everything within its powers to ensure members of the Constabulary are disciplined.

  “Since Commissioner Baki took over in 2015, he declared the three years from 2015-2017 as the years of discipline.

“Within those three years, many policemen have been dealt with in regards to disciplinary issues and 250 of them were dismissed from the force upon convictions by the courts and through the internal Police disciplining process.