Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary

Police motorcade training to help motorcycle officers

This morning saw the graduation of the first Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary motorcade training program at the PNGDF Air Transport Wing in Port Moresby.

AFP Program Manager, Michael Smith said the riders are attached to the RPNGC motorcycle section.

“They ride the motorcycle and we’ve just enhanced their skills and they will be used to assist as the training progresses to help identify riders of motorcycles.

Smith said motor cycles are not very common in PNG so trying to find some depth in skill is quite unique as we’re working together in partnership.

New Bomana barracks tenants given 30 days to vacate

The police union had taken the matter on board prior to the current situation by holding discussions with the Chief Secretary regarding the houses at Bomana, the consequences of the non- completion of the houses and the consequences of what would follow.

President Lowa Tambua said this is not the first time this issue of police housing has been brought up and the Police Commissioner has also been time and again raising this issue with the government to pay up the bills to Red Sea.

PNG Defence Force in operation mode for 2017 Elections

PNGDF Commander, Gilbert Toropo said this during the 66th Battalion Anniversary Parade at Taurama Barracks recently.

Commander Toropo says he has seen the great efforts put in by the men and women towards this profession today.

He says as PNG is heading into preparing for this year’s national elections, PNGDF has a role to play as part of one of its core tasks to support the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary in ensuring a safe and peaceful environment for the citizens of PNG.

Lack of leadership eats at Police Force, says Bawa

These were the words from the former NCD Metropolitan Superintendent; Andy Bawa after his case was dismissed in court because of lack of evidence.

Bawa on his take of the police force in NCD says it boils down to leadership.

He says what we are seeing is basically all about leadership, there is a lack of leadership and provided that we have good leaders in the force.

“I am sure we can be able to fix a lot of those ongoing issues that are currently being faced in the community.

Commanders have compromised their rank: Police boss

This is because commanders at the highest and lowest levels have compromised their rank and authority.

Commissioner for Police, Gari Baki, says as police officers, it is their duty and responsibility to demonstrate to the government, and the people, that they can serve and protect without compromising their integrity.

“I have introduced the year of discipline in 2017 and I expect all members of the Constabulary, including the new recruits that passed out last Friday, to uphold these values.”

PNG Loop's 5 @ 5

Controversial Goroka market to be built: Soso

The controversial Goroka Market will be rebuilt early next year, says Eastern Highlands Governor Julie Soso.

PNG starts to experience wet season

Close to 200 policewomen engaged for FIFA World Cup

A three-day workshop that commenced on Monday at the Laguna Hotel has assigned 51 policewomen as Team Security Liaison Officers (TSLOs) to the 16 participating teams and 130 women police officers from other centres will be flown into Port Moresby to commence security operations at the end of this month.

 Four female officers have also been appointed to be venue commanders and will be stationed at the match venues.

Four female officers trained on human rights

They are part of the 15 police officers who took part in the five day workshop at the Bomana Police Training College.

One of the policewomen, Judith Aihi, says this type of training should be conducted throughout the country as many surprisingly do not know about their rights as human beings.

Aihi says there are very important aspects of human rights that people need to understand and specific awareness is needed for public knowledge and understanding.

Firm backs policewomen’s conference

Classics Engineering assisted the officers with shirts to be used during the week-long conference that is starting on Monday.

During the presentation, managing director James Kennedy Steven said this was not their first time to help police in the province.

He said the company is  happy to play an important role in dressing the policewomen to run their week-long meeting.

"We have assisted police many times but not in the presence of media for publicity. It is a give and take thing so we are glad to have helped them out," Steven said.

Condom saga stirs debate on violence issues

Women leaders around the country and the facilitators of this movement convened the first meeting last Saturday to come up with a strategic framework for the movement.

In that meeting 5 core activities were identified for which the committee members were asked to draw up action plans and methodologies to implement them.

The core activities which the Women Arise Committee would like to partner with and collaborate more on are with issues to the citizens of the country, government roles, media, police and the churches roles in addressing women's issues.