Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary

Demand for police service increased: Kalaut

This also includes PNG as a whole.

Many of the issues being faced daily are ‘crimes against persons’.

These are crimes such as assaults, grievous body harm, rape, sexual violence and murder.

Outgoing NCD/ Central Commander, Sylvester Kalaut, says the society we live in has become complex.

Kalaut said this in itself is a challenge for the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary on a daily basis.

“It shows a breakdown in society where people don’t respect each other and not even treasure life.”

Eluh appointed SHP acting administrator

In making the announcement, Prime Minister Peter O’Neill said strong and capable leadership is required to overcome a number of challenges that have emerged in the region.

A distinguished officer of the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary, Eluh has been tasked to engage with community leaders to restructure the public service system and restore public confidence in provincial administration.

“As an Assistant Commissioner of Police, Mr. Eluh has demonstrated sound judgement and effective leadership,” the Prime Minister said.

Traffic police preps progressing well: Director

Director Traffic, acting Superintendent Joe Joseph, says trainings and graduation are signs of progress and the RPNGC is working towards achieving its target in being better prepared for the 2018 APEC meeting.

Director Joseph made this comment last Friday at the 4th batch of motor cyclist graduation ceremony at the Four-Mile Traffic headquarters in Port Moresby. This was part of the preparation for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) meeting motor cycle escorts.

Illicit tobacco: RPNGC hurdle

The RPNGC is the only organisation that does joint patrol with its Australian partners along the borders in dealing with transnational crime issues.

Commissioner for Police, Gari Baki, upon signing a memorandum of agreement with smoke company, British American Tobacco, gave assurances that police will be dealing with the issue head on to curb this criminal activity.

​Deal inked to combat contraband

The agreement paves way for private and public sectors to work together to curb this illegal flow of fake and contraband cigarettes reaching the shores of the country.

Operators of illegal tobacco do not pay taxes, which can be seen with packets of cigarettes being sold for as low as K10 in retail shops.

This basically means that they are not paying their taxes to the people of this country and are stealing from the government.

​Police officers undergo driving course

The course aims to get them to be more responsible and professional when driving police vehicles.

The driving course intends to address reckless driving causing damage and maximise the use of vehicles that will enhance safety and effective Policing in the society.

Police motorcade training to help motorcycle officers

This morning saw the graduation of the first Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary motorcade training program at the PNGDF Air Transport Wing in Port Moresby.

AFP Program Manager, Michael Smith said the riders are attached to the RPNGC motorcycle section.

“They ride the motorcycle and we’ve just enhanced their skills and they will be used to assist as the training progresses to help identify riders of motorcycles.

Smith said motor cycles are not very common in PNG so trying to find some depth in skill is quite unique as we’re working together in partnership.

New Bomana barracks tenants given 30 days to vacate

The police union had taken the matter on board prior to the current situation by holding discussions with the Chief Secretary regarding the houses at Bomana, the consequences of the non- completion of the houses and the consequences of what would follow.

President Lowa Tambua said this is not the first time this issue of police housing has been brought up and the Police Commissioner has also been time and again raising this issue with the government to pay up the bills to Red Sea.

PNG Defence Force in operation mode for 2017 Elections

PNGDF Commander, Gilbert Toropo said this during the 66th Battalion Anniversary Parade at Taurama Barracks recently.

Commander Toropo says he has seen the great efforts put in by the men and women towards this profession today.

He says as PNG is heading into preparing for this year’s national elections, PNGDF has a role to play as part of one of its core tasks to support the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary in ensuring a safe and peaceful environment for the citizens of PNG.

Lack of leadership eats at Police Force, says Bawa

These were the words from the former NCD Metropolitan Superintendent; Andy Bawa after his case was dismissed in court because of lack of evidence.

Bawa on his take of the police force in NCD says it boils down to leadership.

He says what we are seeing is basically all about leadership, there is a lack of leadership and provided that we have good leaders in the force.

“I am sure we can be able to fix a lot of those ongoing issues that are currently being faced in the community.