Ronny Knight

Supreme Court stays Knight’s dismissal

Chief Justice Sir Salamo Injia this afternoon stayed the decision of the Leadership Tribunal on May 1, 2015 that recommended his dismissal from office, following the tribunal’s finding of guilt on him on March 20, 2015.

He ordered that the state and Electoral Commission including its officers or agents, permit Ronny Knight to nominate to contest the elections.

In light of this decision, Loop PNG was informed by Knight that he will be nominating tomorrow.

Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato also confirmed with this newsroom that Knight can nominate to contest.

Court to rule on Knight’s application

Knight’s lawyer Greg Egan went before Chief Justice Sir Salamo Injia at 4pm yesterday, asking the court to stay the decision of the Leadership Tribunal on May 1,2015 that recommended his dismissal from office.

That decision following the tribunal’s finding of guilt on the member on March 20, 2015.

He filed a Judicial Review in the National Court which was dismissed on April 19.

Knight files Appeal against tribunal decision

The appeal is listed for today and will be heard by Chief Justice Sir Salamo Injia after lunch.

His lawyers filed the appeal on April 22. An urgent application will be moved seeking stay of the Leadership Tribunal’s decision dated May 1, 2015.

Respondents listed in the appeal are members of the Leadership Tribunal; Justice Salatiel Lenalia (as Chairman) and their Senior Magistrate Ignatius Kurei  and Senior Magistrate Rosie Johnson and the State.

Manus MP considers appealing at higher court

“I am disappointed with the outcome, I know that I never did anything for that decision to come down to me,” he said outside the Waigani Court house.

While he says it’s up to legal advice for now, he is adamant he will still stand for elections, indicating a Supreme Court Appeal would be plan B, “so I will take it back to my legal counsel, and see what happens.”

Manus MP furious over alleged assault of 10yo

He wants the accused perpetrator be made an example of.

The irate member is now demanding the removal of all those processed at the Manus centre before his people “rise up against them”.

“These are only the cases that are made public. There are many unreported.”

He says the refugee should be castrated.

“If it was my daughter, mi no nap ke lo kalabus!” (I will not care about going to jail.)

Knight attacks Pato’s response in parliament

Minister Rimbink Pato, in responding to a series of questions without notice from Rabaul MP Dr. Allan Marat, said “the management of the refugee resettlement facility is not in a mess”.

He added that it is “professionally managed by competent people from within our Immigration and Citizenship Services Authority with the support of the Australian Government, United Nations agencies, including the International Office of Migration, which is looking at repatriation and resettlement of a number of asylum refugees”.

Manus MP calls for exit strategy for Asylum centre

“This is in relation to the various incidents now becoming more serious in the Manus community. The Regional Processing Centre is already in contempt of Supreme Court instructions and we need to know when compliance will take place to shut down the Centre.” said a frustrated Ronny Knight.

He said the people of Manus have been lied to by the PNG government.

“They told us that refugees would not be allowed uncontrolled access to the population! They also told us that no refugees would be settled on Manus"!

Knight: Alleged rapists must be brought back

The local MP expressed anger at the way the victim in the alleged incident was treated, calling on authorities to have the three Australians brought back into the country.

The three Australians worked at the Regional Processing Center in Lombrum as security guards when they allegedly drugged and sexually assaulted a local woman who was an employee of Transfield on the night of July 15 last year.

Ronny Knight's trial vacated

The matter will now return to court on February 29 for directions before an expected trial date is set  in March.

Knight returned to court today with his lawyers where it was brought before the attention of the court that the review books were missing affidavits and exhibits that were tendered in evidence during the leader’s Tribunal sitting last year.

Justice Collin Makail issued orders for the trial to be vacated from today while lawyers representing Knight and members of the tribunal work around sorting out the review books.

Knight challenges Govt on asylum seekers waste dumping

Knight says the company should set up a proper incinerator to get rid of its waste.

Waste from the processing centre is being buried in holes dug on a piece of land at the Salami area of Manus.

A man who occupies the land has given permission for the company to dump waste there.

Knight says waste such as oil from vehicles, grease traps, sewage, food and many others are being dumped there.

He believes over time the waste dumped will contaminate water sources for people in the area.