Robert Nilkare

NBPOL donates K50,000 to quake disaster

Receiving the donations on behalf of the provincial governments was Hela Administrator William Bando.

New Britain Palm Oil Country Manager, Robert Nilkare, said the least they can do is to assist the quake disaster by donating K50,000 to the victims.

He said although it was a substantial amount but they do feel for the victims in the quake disaster provinces.  

“We are very sorry and our condolences to those families who have lost loved ones and properties.”

Broaden PNG’s economy base

And Business Council of PNG President Robert Nilkare says the time to invest in agriculture is now.

Nilkare said agriculture is at the core of all Papua New Guineans and needed significant investment.

Speaking at the Prime Minister’s Back to Business Breakfast in Port Moresby, Nilkare said for too long the mineral sector has been relied on to bolster the economy.

He said while major centres of the country are moving towards technological advancements, the rural people still rely on the cash crop economy.

Nilkare plans to expand business council

He said this involves bringing more representation from sectors such as agriculture.

Nilkare, who is the country manager for New Britain Palm Oil Limited, said there are large commercial entities outside of Port Moresby that do not have representation in the capital.

He said the challenge now is to work on a strategy with his executives to make this a reality.

Nilkare is new business council president

Nilkare was elected unopposed, taking over the reins from David Toua who has stood down after four years.

The official announcement and hand over was made during the BCPNG’s Annual General Meeting in Port Moresby yesterday.

Nilkare commended Toua and his executives saying they have done tremendously in positioning the Business Council.

He said being part of the Council was crucial in having a strong voice for the business council in PNG and called for cooperation from all members in taking the Council forward.

Full audit on state leases needed

Country Manager for New Britain Oil Palm, Robert Nilkare, said the audit will give the government an indication of what it has in stock which it can manage properly.

Speaking to Members of Parliament during the National Parliament Induction programme this week, Nilkare said the audit was imperative.

NBPOL to diversify due to limited expansion

PNG Country Manager, Robert Nilkare, says though there is opportunity for expansion of palm oil, there is only enough suitable land for a growth of between 22 – 24 per cent.

Nilkare said this when asked about NBPOLS future for the next 50 years during the Australia-PNG Business Council Forum in Port Moresby.

Foreign organisations urged to abide by PNG laws

New Britain Palm Oil country manager, Robert Nilkare, made the firm call during a panel discussion yesterday following the launch of the The Report: Papua New Guinea 2016, by the Oxford Business Group (OBG).

Nilkare said foreign investors must follow procedures and laws when applying to do business.

“My message to investors coming in, don’t come through the back door!

“Investors who want to come in, you come through the front door, do the right thing (and) pay your taxes.