Works Minister clarifies Wewak funds

Michael Nali was making reference to the question raised in Parliament last Friday by East Sepik Governor Allan Bird.

Nali confirmed that K10 million was appropriated in the Supplementary budget for the roads.

Minister Nali explained that warrants were issued a few weeks before the closure of the 2017 financial year and his department was unable to procure and expand the funds for Wewak town roads within a few weeks. They also had no documentation to procure and spend funds.

K700m in backlog for road maintenance

Works Minster Michael Nali revealed this in Parliament today.

He said the current backlog of road maintenance contracts is around K700 million, money which they do not have.

He said to cater for all roads, the Works Department needs over a billion kina.

“The Works Department used to have equipment with the PTB (plant and transport board) and when we had road issues, they would step in to assist. But today, the Works Department cannot. We know this.

K7m for Wewak road unaccounted for

This was revealed by Works Minister, Michael Nali, in Parliament today.

He said this when questioned by East Sepik Governor Allan Bird where the funding was and when it could be released.

Governor Bird said the K10 million was approved on November 13th last year and a cheque given to the Works Department.

He said the next day, two contactors had arrived in Wewak to begin work but they stopped, believing it was contrary to finance management act.

WSP locals want road improvement

They say the maintenance of roads will have a positive impact on the lives of people.

Alexia Api and Anna Bupi from Osima Village outside of Vanimo City said the road from their LLG into Vanimo Town is unusable.

She said locals are forced to use a nearby river to transport their produce for selling however, this creates further problems.

Other residents from as far as Aitape district said traveling to the provincial hub is very costly.

Muthuvel calls for release of project funds

Muthuvel made this call, after still waiting on the government to release funds which were earmarked for projects in West New Britain.

“The bureaucratic process is a long, stringent and overwhelming procedure which will test your patience.

“It needs constant persistence, persuasion and a lot of energy, with as much support from our Provincial Administration to approve at least one major project.”

Roads crucial for Managalas people

The sealing of roads within the plateau will see improvement in the transportation of cash crops to markets for better income generation.

Kingsford Nichoi from Numba Village in Ward Five of Zone Six says he and his people have struggled for years with the current road conditions.

He said  many local produce grown is wasted as they are unable to sell due to the road conditions.

“Rot em wanpla bikpla samtin lo mipla lo plateau.

Lihir locals urged to start spin-off businesses

Ward Three Member of the Nimamar Local Level Government, Clement Zanayes, said this following road construction works carried out in their local constituency.

His comments follow negotiations with Lihir Mine operators, Newcrest Mining Limited, on the construction of a road running through Lipuko and Matakues villages, which fall under Nimamar LLG.

Zanayas led negotiations for road works to be diverted and avoid destroying an existing burial site at Matakues, and have it released to the community as the existing road was built over some graveyards.

Government connecting missing links: O’Neill

He said roads are the key to economic development in a country like ours and the Government has spent millions of kinas every year to ensure that large number of population access this vital service.

“There are many road links being built during this term of the Government and it is evident throughout the country where people can see for themselves.

“In places like the Gulf Highway and the Highway from Morobe Province into Kikori, where it is nearing completion that we will see more trade and the flow of goods and services.

“This has been lacking in past decades.

Ramu NiCo steps in to fix Madang road

On Tuesday Feb 9, a container truck capsised at the Iguruwe portion of the highway within the Usino-Bundi electorate when driving through the slippery and muddy road.

That portion of the road experienced a slight landslip due to the base clay foundation and water logged soil build-up.

Ramu NiCo’s Kurumbukari Mine located 44km away from the scene timely dispatched a frontend loader and a dump truck with excavator under the coordination of the 135km Slurry Pipeline department and fixed the road immediately.