Rimbink Pato

Tourist visas to be thoroughly checked

Minister for Foreign Affairs and Immigration Rimbink Pato in a statement said, “I have instructed the Chief Migration Officer Solomon Kantha for immigration to apply more stringent screening measures on foreigners from eligible countries applying for visa on arrival are genuine tourists who have adequate funds to support themselves and have a planned and coordinated tour itinerary.

“Given that there is now suspicions of the story been fabricated by the two individuals for their own benefit, and whilst awaiting completion of the investigation.      

Papua New Guinea and Pacific Community mark new era

The people of Papua New Guinea stand to benefit from the new agreement between their government and the Pacific region’s principal scientific and technical organisation which will strengthen ties to address the country’s complex development challenges in a more holistic way.

“This agreement is based on a genuine spirit of collaboration in which our government and the Pacific Community will seek to complement one another’s efforts more and embrace the contributions of other partners to achieve development outcomes that will assist the people who need it most,” Minister Pato said.

Robust talks tipped for Pacific forum

Port Moresby is hosting the Pacific Islands Forum leaders summit from Monday and Rimbink Pato says PNG is ready to take on a strong leadership role on shared development, social, economic and environmental challenges.

“In order for regionalism to work properly the leaders will hold frank discussions about pooling sovereignty, sharing resources and agreeing upon regional practices,” Pato told reporters in Port Moresby on Friday.

Resolutions on applications for MSG made

Foreign Minister Rimbink Pato told PNG Loop that a resolution has been made on the application by the pro-independence group, The United Liberation Movement, for West Papua to have membership at the MSG.

He also says the ministers will be discussing Indonesia’s interest to be an associate member of this Melanesian group.

“So we will make recommendations to the leaders who will then discuss among themselves and announce outcomes to everyone,” Pato says.