Richard Maru

Progressive update on MTDP 3

Minister for Planning and Monitoring, Richard Maru, said this in conference yesterday whilst highlighting the progress made in the formulation process of the government’s new Medium Term Development Plan 2018-2022 (MTDP3).

Following his previous briefing to the media, the Minister said the new plan, which will be called the Medium Term Development Plan 2018-2022 or MTDP3, would be formulated within the existing National Planning Framework.

Maru declares war on criminals

This follows the murder of a bus driver on the Sepik Highway last Thursday. 

Maru made the declaration in a media conference today.

The Minister said his district will not tolerate further criminal behaviour in his district and has issued a warning to criminal elements.

Criminal activity has heightened, especially along the Sepik Highway, and the recent death of a bus driver has signalled the need for a hard handed response.

Consistency and government involvement needed

He said this during the ITCS Stakeholders Workshop in Port Moresby on Wednesday.

Minister Maru did not mince his words during his remarks at the ITCS workshop, highlighting issues he said the government want reviewed and discussed.

He said ITCS projects must be consistent with national and local level plans, be fairly distributed across the country, and have government involvement in the consultation and procurement process.

He said there has been no oversight over ITCS and this has to change.

Maru calls for stronger ties with China

Following the handing over of the International Convention Centre to the PNG Government and launching of the China-AID APEC Roads Projects, Maru said ties with China should be enhanced through a bilateral agreement focusing on aid.

He said recently the Chinese Government has supported PNG through various aid projects.

And it was only fitting that ties with the country be strengthened through the area of aid.

Tax credit scheme suspended: Minister

National Planning and Implementation Minister, Richard Maru, confirmed this in parliament yesterday.

He made the announcement after he was asked by Komo-Margarima MP Manasseh Makiba to allow local MPs to identify projects to be funded by the tax credit scheme.

The need to make use of the scheme has become greater after the devastating aftermath of the February 26 earthquake.

“At the moment the tax credit scheme has been suspended over a number of issues, one of them is the projects have no inputs from Governors and local MPs of parliament,” stated Maru.

Maru confident to host consultative summit

The Summit aims to seek wide stakeholder input and also vital input of global experts on many of our development challenges. This is to assist the government formulate our new Medium Term Development Plan 2018-2022.

In a media briefing yesterday (March 7), Maru said many sponsors have shown interest in supporting the Summit and pledged their commitment.

Maru also announced that international experts will come from India, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia and other countries in the region.

“Prime Minister Peter O’Neill will be officially opening the Summit.”

Maru pledges funding

Minister Maru was impressed with the planning of the proposed treatment and said he will make sure funding is made immediately.

The Minister made this remarks during a visit this week to the Port Moresby General Hospital to see where the POMGEN Management and Board are with plans since the announcement to have a cancer and heart facility.

Hospital CEO, Umesh Gupta, presented Maru the plan which utilises existing infrastructures and available space to open the new specialist centres.

Jiwaka plantation revival afoot

Minister for National Planning and Monitoring, Richard Maru, announced in Banz on Monday that he intends to assist the province revive all rundown plantations.

Minister Maru informed locals that Jiwaka has one of the most fertile land in the Highlands Region.

However, many of the plantations that once thrived in the area have been neglected.

He said he wants to assist them revive the plantations and has already got the ball rolling.

Minister Maru also announced that he aims to introduce cocoa into the Province.

Minister pledges to help Nazarene Hospital

Despite the hospital being promoted to a provincial hospital status recently, there still remains infrastructural and personnel issues to address.

Maru visited the hospital on Sunday and gave his assurance.

The Minister made a surprise stopover at the Nazarene Hospital at Kudjip as part of his visit to Jiwaka Province.

Greeted by medical missionaries, Maru was given a tour of the facilities.

It was there the medical team informed him of their concerns.

These include facility upgrades and staff housing.

Maru’s visit good for business: Local

Andrew Tants, owner and operator of the Jiwaka Mission Resort, said listening to the Minister speak of the development aspirations he had of Jiwaka was well-received.

Tants said building the local economy was critical and as a player in the private sector, they had a role to play as well.

He also called on political leaders to work together to realise the development goals of the province.

“It was a very important topic he touched,” Tants said.

“For governments or provincial governments to be successful, they need to collect revenue.