Richard Maru

Cost of doing business high in Manus, says Minister

This includes the high cost of air fares and the lack of tourism infrastructure in the province.

Minister for Trade Commerce and Industry, Richard Maru revealed this when officially opening a 3 days Seminar on Tourism in Manus Province recently.

Maru was invited by the Manus Provincial Government to officiate at this Tourism seminar for him to specifically speak on the impact of the closure of the Asylum Seekers Processing Centre on local SME’s and the unemployment rate that will be caused as a result of the closure of the center.

Garment factory to create more jobs

“I am really excited, I think this industry has the potential to grow in this country and create jobs for our people.”

“I totally support the project and look forward to visiting the site during the construction, and giving my personal support to the project,” Maru told Loop PNG.

Kathleen Ipi Johnson, owner and managing director of After Dark Fashions will fund the building of the factory at a cost of K10 million.

Konebada Petroleum Park in the Kairuku- Hiri District of Central Province will be the site of the factory. 

Maru takes swipe at PPL

He said PPL is sadly failing to convert the free capital expenditure by the government, which increases and improved their balance sheet into profitable business.

"At least this is our experience in Yangoru-Sausia," says Maru.

He said there are many district customers including various government installations that are still waiting to be connected. "Even though they have applied for power services connection many months ago."

Bank lends support to SME policy launching

“All financial institutions must collaborate with the Government to help provide access to finance, training and development for local SMEs,” Maru said.

 Maru’s ministry will be launching the country’s first SME Policy and Master Plan this Thursday.

Bank South Pacific is backing the program with K50,000 today in Port Moresby.

The policy details the O’Neill-Dion Government’s plan to support and establish 500,000 SMEs by the year 2030.

Do something about Fiji trade imbalance: Polye

“The deficit balance of trade PNG has experienced with a small country like Fiji holds questions for those responsible to answer.

“It has proven that the Prime Minister and his minister have lost their bearings and that it should be a wake-up call for them,” said Opposition Leader Don Pomb Polye when commenting on PNG’s negative balance of trade with Fiji to the tune of K54 million.

Mr Polye described it as ‘a joke and undeserved,’ given the country’s economic status.

He has urged the two leaders to refrain from making ‘political rhetoric in supporting businesses.’

Maru calls rapists ‘animals’

The Minister for Trade, Commerce and Industry was furious with both incidents saying the reports spoil Papua New Guinea’s drive to market the country as an investment destination to investors.

Maru told media yesterday after returning from Fiji, he will support any legislation before Parliament to severely penalise rapist and murderers.                  

“One of my duties in cabinet is to ensure we tighten up legislations and put these animals in prison and never release them, this country does not need people like that.   

PNG trade difference K54 million with Fiji

PNG being the biggest country, highest population and largest economy in the Pacific is exporting less to Fiji and importing more manufactured goods from its smaller neighbour.  

The disparity is within the tune of K54 million.       

“Fiji is selling ten times more goods to PNG,” says Maru.

“Currently Fiji exports worth over K58 million in goods sold to PNG, While PNG only exports K4 million so we have a K54 million trade imbalance.” 

Maru: We don’t engage clown investors

Local MP and Minister for Trade Commerce and Industry Richard Maru told Loop PNG today that this is what his district needed.

“Right now, 85 percent of students doing Grade 12 will be school leavers and such project is what the people of Yangoru-Saussia needed the most,” says Maru.

He was responding to Don Polye’s comments who queried whether an Israeli company engaged by a minister in his electorate is reputable.

Maru brands Polye as ‘chronic badmouthed’ leader

He said it was a shame for Polye to ‘’badmouth’’ an investor that came into the country and completed agricultural projects which included the Koroba Agro industrial centre, 9-Mile farm and others.

Maru, in an exclusive interview with Loop PNG today, said the Opposition Leader had never delivered any agricultural projects in the country and for him to speak against such an agricultural investor was “absurd’’.

“If he has allegations against the investor, he should wait for the court proceedings to confirm whether they’re right or wrong in their dealings.

Maru sees education as a priority

To make this happen Maru  is embarking to build proper education infrastructure to help achieve a higher performance and results for children in his electorate.

Earlier this week, Maru who is also Minister for Trade, Commerce and Industry opened another double classroom for one of his remote LLGs.

Mongen Community School, situated in the Sepik Plains of Sausso LLG saw the opening of its brand new double-storey classroom.

The four-in-one classroom was built at a cost of K100,000.