Richard Maru

Criminal justice system needs radical overhaul

Minister for National Planning and Chairman of the Consultative Implementation & Monitoring Council (CIMC), Richard Maru, said this during the National Capital District Law & Order Summit recently in Port Moresby.

He urged all stakeholders and participants to come up with recommendations for radical overhaul to deal with what he calls a “very weak criminal justice system”.

Minister Maru said one of the factors is tolerance with people not reporting crime, even when committed in broad daylight and in front of people.

Minister shocked

An unexpected visit by Minister Richard Maru to his former school alerted him to the years of neglect faced by the Mount Hagen Technical College, which in turn has affected student intake.

The Mount Hagen Technical College is currently facing shortage in staff housing, water supply and has rundown buildings and outdated equipment.

Touring the campus on the 16th of July, the Minister was advised by the school’s board of governors that most of the buildings have not been renovated since his attendance in 1977 and 1978.

EU financing agreement countersigned

This is between the European Union and the Independent State of Papua New Guinea.

The signing concludes the higher level technical and financial commitment of the project, using his powers as the National Authorising Officer of PNG under Article 35 of Annex 4 of the Cotonou Partnership Agreement. 

The NAO is the direct counterpart of the European Commission delegation and responsible within ACP governments for the cooperation with the European Commission.

New complex for Madang technical

The elaborate and well-organised event saw the Minister of Finance and Rural Development unveil the signage of the new complex as well as make a further K1 million commitment to the institution.  

The commissioning of the new Tiduk Haus Administration complex marks the launch of a new era for the college that currently enrolls over 600 students.

Proud principal Graham Bidang said the technical college will no longer be a small institution tucked away in the corner of a lagoon in Madang, but will rise up to be a centre of excellence in education and skills training.

Maru gives update on police barracks

The mobile squad barracks project was stalled last year due to the unavailability of manpower.

Yangoru-Saussia MP and National Planning Minister, Richard Maru, said: “We are hoping that it will be completed by the end of this year. We are planning for 45 men and women to be in the mobile barracks.

“This is important; the policemen and women who will be based there will obviously provide security for the border, to compliment the work that the PNGDF are doing. They will secure East and West Sepik and of course the economic zone as well.”

Minister assures ACP

Minister Maru met the ACP Secretary General, Dr. Patrick Gomes, at the margins of the ACP EU Ministerial Meeting in N'Djamena, Capital of the Republic of Chad, Central Africa, on 3 April where they discussed, among other things, Papua New Guinea's role in the current ACP-EU Post Cotonou negotiations.

PNG to source education materials from India

Minister for National Planning, Richard Maru, said this during a meeting with the Director of National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT), Professor Hrushikesh Senpaty, and his administration in New Delhi on March 26th.

High hopes for Baiyer-Madang Road

Minister for National Planning, Richard Maru, said this during a recent visit to Madang to see the progress of the work being carried out on the Baiyer-Madang road link by the PNG Defence Force Engineering Battalion.

Also with him was the Minister for Defence, Solan Mirisim.

“The Baiyer to Madang National Highway Road Link is a critical missing link with huge economic potential,” stated Maru. “The Government is therefore focused on ensuring that this road project gets the funding support it needs to be completed before the end of this year.”

PNG needs world-class laboratory: Maru

He made the comments in Lae last week following the commissioning of the newly installed laboratory equipment for the National Analytical and Testing Service Laboratory (NATSL) at the PNG University of Technology (UNITECH).

“The current building is not suitable. This country needs a world-class laboratory. One that is purpose-built and well laid out. We need the system, we need the training and we need maintenance. We must always have cutting edge technology,” Minister Maru said.

Minister appalled at state of Aiome Station

Together with the Minister for Defence, Solan Mirisim, both leaders were at Aiome on March 14th to see the progress of the work being carried out on the Baiyer-Madang road link.

They saw first-hand the urgent need for change in the area, starting with the vital road link that will open up the area for vital services and economic activity.