Revised Mining Act

Maintain Social Licenses

Managing Director of MRA, Jerry Garry raised this during his presentation at the Community Affairs and Media Workshop this week.

He said: “When the State gives a mining lease or special mining lease, we are giving that license holder the rights to mine. But the people who own the land, hold the social license. So how do we maintain that social license and is it a responsibility that should be co-shared by every stakeholder?

Revised Mining Act to be tabled

Secretary for the Department of Mineral Policy and Geohazards Management, Harry Kore, revealed this during the welcome ceremony of Mining Vice Minister, Jimmy Uguro.

Work on the Revised Mining Act began 10 years ago, and was brought to the NEC in 2017 but never went past Cabinet.

Since then, the Department has held continuous consultation with industry players and the Secretary said they have done everything they needed to do.

Last year the revised Mineral Resources Authority Act was introduced.

​Revised mining act will be passed: Minister

Tuke said the revised Mining Act, which contains six new laws, will immediately be brought before the National Executive Council for endorsement.

The Minister announced this during a Ministry handover-takeover ceremony in Port Moresby.

He takes on the role of Mining Minister from former Namatanai MP, Byron Chan.

In his maiden speech as Mining Minister, Tuke said he will ensure the new law is passed by the end of the year. This also includes the Mineral Resources Authority Act (2005) review.